Deadpool movie is happening!


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Oh YEAH! Just weeks after the Deadpool screen test was leaked, Fox has announced that the movie will indeed be a reality and will hit the theaters February 12th 2016.


Tim Miller is set to direct the MARVEL superhero movie and although Ryan Reynolds is expected to fill the black and red suit, there has been no confirmation on that subject, though it seems highly unlikely that they would go with anyone else or that Reynolds would pass it up.

One thing is for sure: I can’t wait to see it! :D

TV Shows premiere dates


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September is almost gone, but I hadn’t had time yet to put my head in order in regards to the shows I’ll be following this season. But today, I finally got some time (and disposition). So here are the premiere dates of September for my favorite shows and the new ones that I’m planning to watch:


Can’t wait for Sleepy Hollow to come back! And Castle, and Brooklyn 9-9, SHIELD and TBBT. And here the October dates:


Can’t believe I have to wait for October 7 and 8 for Flash, Supernatural and Arrow. And Gracepoint, can’t wait for that!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Makoto Kino


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I’m over a week late, but whatever, Makoto Kino a.k.a. Sailor Jupiter has arrived to Sailor Moon Crystal, and man, it was glorious!


Confession time here: I’m biased towards Jupiter, she’s my favorite Sailor! I love that they captured in this episode everything that makes her so amazing and different. They were able to portray her strong side, a warrior as well as a feminine girl, who loves to make and sew and is in love with the idea of love.


And how is it that Usagi is even more amazing in this new anime than in the first one?! She’s amazing! And not even mention the fact that she has crushes on all her friends: “oh, Ami is so smart” and “Rei is so beautiful” and “Makoto smells so nice!”… really girl, get a grip!


I’m loving it!

Mockingjay part 1 trailer


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It’s finally out! Just 2 months before it’s premiere, we finally got a full trailer for Mockingjay part 1, and it was totally worth the wait. It’s looks amazing!

Doctor Who and Robot of Sherwood


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Yes! This week’s Doctor Who finally did it for me. Robot of Sherwood was witty, funny, action packed and reminded me so much of the classic era that I couldn’t help but falling totally in love with it!

 Doctor Who (series 8) Ep3

I haven’t laughed so much in an episode of DW since I don’t remember when… Everything about the episode was magnificent, especially the bit where the Doctor and Robin bicker like 5 year old children and Clara outsmarts everyone. Love this Doctor! His childlike characteristics are different from its predecessors and that’s so good. Love Clara each episode a bit more!

Doctor Who (series 8) Ep3

If the message in the beginning is a bit lost in all the laugh and robots wandering around, it becomes crystal clear by the end: aren’t heroes those who inspire heroic actions in others – whether real or fictional?!

Mark Gatiss is my hero! ;-) Bloody good job on this one! And I have to admit, I was very glad to not see Missy welcoming the Sheriff to “heaven”, what a nice change that was… still, the Promised Land was still there, but not in an overpowering way.

A much needed Saturday!


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When did Saturday became my most awaited day on TV? Usually there’s nothing good on TV on saturdays, but hey, now we have Doctor Who, Outlander and Sailor Moon!!! =D


Man, I’m in real need of a day off! Between working all of August, having a conference, and lot of deadlines, I’m exhausted… I’m so looking forward to a day of doing nothing and playing Sims 4 (if I ever manage to get over the error that the website is giving me when I try to buy the game).


Still, I’m being too optimistic here, I have 2 days to present results I haven’t obtained yet, and 5 days to present a yearly report that I haven’t finished, so my best guess is that I’ll end up working most of the day, whether here or at the lab. 


So… here is to a good day, a good Saturday (I’m not even being ambitious enough to ask for a whole weekend…). I just have to hold on for 5 more days, then I’ll be home for a brilliant amount of 4 days!! Eheh! 4 days of running around in Portugal, I’ll wager I’ll get here on the 15th more tired than the day I’ll leave ;-) !!!! 

Outlander… I’m hooked!


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Once again, I’m a bit late to the party. But hey, saturday I arrived from Basel and was pretty beat up and realized I needed to watch something good, so, I had the three episodes released so far of Outlander and I just thought: “This is a good moment as any!”. So, while having dinner (which mainly consisted of pre-prepared thing, since I had no time to do any shopping), I started episode one… and that was it! Between some phrases that I couldn’t understand, and some gaelic that I definitely have no idea what it means, I was completely hooked!


Amazingly done, great scenery, great acting, great kilts… yeah… I might be a little bit in love with those kilts (obviously not the guy in the pic who wears them so well…). I’m so curious to read the books – whenever I finish the current series and the 2 others I have lying and waiting. Have you watched it? You should!

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek


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The second episode of season 8 of Doctor Who brought us a familiar foe: the Daleks… again… Into the Dalek presented the concept of a good – damaged, that is – Dalek, and the conflict within the Doctor on weather he’s a good man or not… in the end, well, he tries to be!


I felt that although some scenes reminded me of Dalek, back in 2005, this episode was a big step up from the previous one (and from the second half of the 7th season, for that matter).

Some things:

  • p025nvz0Danny Pink stole my heart! I love him already and he’s only been in a couple of minutes in one episode. They managed to convey a depth to his character in a couple of crucial scenes. I said before that it would be a waste to make him have a relationship with Clara, but I’m going to reiterate that: Samuel Anderson and Jenna-Louise Coleman have amazing chemistry and their shared scenes were amazing to say the least, so, I would be OK if their relationship moves forward, as far as they don’t lose themselves in it.
  • “She’s my carer. She cares so I don’t have to.” – Yep, very nice and accurate description to a companion…
  • Clara gets yet more established – and it was about time, given that she’s been a companion for quite a while.


  • Amazing Doctor! Peter Capaldi has established himself as the Doctor, completely and without a doubt. A darker Doctor, for sure, but amazingly different!
  • Could have done without the “Missy” cameo! Sure, she’s intriguing, but are they going to tease us for the whole 11 episodes before the season finale?

Doctor Who: you can breathe now!


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Take a Deep Breath and watch the season premiere of Doctor Who! Done?! Now you can breathe! After a long long wait, we finally got our first episode of season 8, with a new Doctor, running around in Victorian London, chasing a T-Rex and automatons.


The main thing of the episode is Clara’s choice on whether she’ll remain with the Doctor or not, and, as always when there’s a regeneration, to present to us this brand new Doctor. So, I’ll just say what I thought of the episode…

1. Why so much emphasis on the age, the grey and the old?!

Seriously, why? Was Moffat showing the fans that the Doctor can be old? Well, we know that, actually, he was always older, way older than Matt Smith, and most of them were better at it. So, why bother? Why have 75 minutes constantly reminding everyone of this point, when honestly it’s a mute point… it really shouldn’t matter!!!

2. Capaldi’s Doctor just might make my top 3!DW-12_Ep1_00625_PS

Peter Capaldi just nailed it! Such a different, interesting, intense and darker Doctor. Exactly what we needed after so many years of silliness and jumping around.

Now we have one unexpected Doctor and an amazing actor behind him.

And the accent, I love the accent, I loved his reaction to it! Lovely to see him acknowledge his face, curious to see how they’ll resolve it.

3. Good Clara/Bad Clara…

I’m conflicted about this, see, for one hand, Clara has her best episode yet, she gets some development, she’s fierce, she holds her own (and Jenna Louise Coleman is just brilliant).

deepbreath_claraOn the other hand, Clara seems to have forgotten that she’s met all the past Doctors, all of them, and decides that she doesn’t recognizes the Doctor in this one… well, this would be a normal and perfectly natural plot line if you had another “Rose”, or “Amy”, or any of them really, but you have Clara, the girl who not only knows their faces, but just a few months ago actually met 2 more, and come on, if she could get along with The War Doctor, how could she not recognize 12th? And she knew he was old, if anyone knows, she does, just this Christmas she saw a much older version of 11th and she didn’t react like this… Moffat, you failed on this one!

4. A T-Rex… just because!

deepbreath_trexI still don’t see the point!

They had done dinosaurs before, but this plot could have been achieved by any other creature really, why have a T-Rex in the middle of the Thames, just standing there?

Fun, but pointless!

5. Paternoster Gang… always fun

tumblr_naklegZzdH1qijoeyo1_500I love them, best part of the episode for me (apart from Capaldi) was these three. Funny, light, smart – I really loved Jenny on this one. Still, how do they know so much about the Doctor’s regeneration? When did they meet him? How they came to be? I love them, but I would like them to make some sense.

6. The references

This felt good and weird, somehow! The Girl in the Fireplace reference was obvious and welcomed. “It’s times like this I really miss Amy”… uncalled for and so not relevant! “Chips. Coffee. Coffee and Chips”, well sir she just wants the coffee… Rose would have taken the chips though.

7. The phone call…

deepbreath_11I have absolutely no problem with Matt Smith’s Doctor, I loved him, not my Doctor, but loved him none the less. I do have a problem with that phone call! We had 1 year to get our minds around the idea that Capaldi was the new Doctor, we had 2 specials to say goodbye to Matt Smith, which we did, and they were such 2 big episodes… then we got 8 months to get used to the idea that 11 was not coming back (which is good, change is good!)… and then, when all the focused of the episode should be on Capaldi, here comes 11 again to convince Clara to help him?!

Really?! Moffat, are you having separation anxiety?! It surely fells like you are!

There was no need for it! She should have come to that conclusion alone. 12th’s speech should have been more than enough. Never on a first episode of a Doctor, should the previous one give the companion a call, never, ever, ever!

8. All’n All

55089Good enough episode, though I hope that the season brings a bit more. All that talk of age and perceptions kind of bored me, maybe because I was glad that this Doctor was older.

Curious to see where the season leads us, though I have to say, not very enthusiastic about the idea of “Missy” calling the Doctor her boyfriend, I really thought we were done with all that. The most popular theories are that she’s either The Master, The Rani or River – though let’s hope not River, if River Song ever returns, I want it to be as Alex Kingston.

Looking forward for next week and the return of the Daleks (and something tells me that the Cybermen will soon follow!).


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