Feminism: the problem in the definition


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In the last couple of years, several campaigns have been raised pro and against “feminism”… all by women! Well, I see this as a problem, a very annoying problem. Why?! Because, honestly, most people have no idea what they are in fact defending!


It may have started out just like that: the advocacy for women’s rights and equality, but somewhere along the way the world started seeing it as something else. Somehow, you’re not a feminist if you don’t think yourself better than men, or if you think you need a man to do something, or if you think that men have problems too.

This is a big problem, and it didn’t start with those who call themselves non-feminists, it started with the one that say that they are. Because woman shaming for some reason or another is common practice, and most of those doing the “shaming” are other women. Bashing someone because they don’t see the world as you do, is not believing in equality, so somewhere along the way, the meaning of the word “feminism” changed to something like: “we don’t want to be equal to men, we want to be acknowledge as better!”…

(link – they don’t understand it, because nowadays, no one does…)

Do you see the problem yet?! No one has to better than the other, everyone is different and we should stop generalizing! Not all women want to have top careers and worry if they can “have it all”, well, some men don’t want it either, some are perfectly happy with a middle class job and a family at home. Some women do want the top career, and even though there still are some difficulties in regard of salaries differences, most of them get it.

Feminism means that men and women have the same rights and the same opportunities, and at least in the developed world, we mostly do! It doesn’t mean that we have to be just like men (because we’re not), it also doesn’t mean that we should all want the same thing. There are still complaints that women are still behind in high powering positions in government and companies, and my opinion is that it’s still a product of it’s time! The truth is, there is probably more men interest in getting to those jobs than women, so by the law of probability, they get it more… Things today are not the same as 10 years ago, and they won’t be same 10 years from now!

Also, feminism, at least the way I see it, is not directly related to rape (or did I miss something along the way?!)… Let’s face it, men are abused too, and a lot, and most women don’t bat an eyelash for them!


I don’t know… maybe it’s because I was raised in part by my single mother, and another big part by my single father (who always, to this day, is the one who cooks, cleans and does laundry at home!). Or maybe it’s because I always had a lot more female teachers, and when I got to college, even more. Maybe because I worked for a few years in a company that had mainly women in their ranks (and sometimes it sucked!), or because if I look around right now in my university department, I can only find 4 men among at least 20 women. So, I never really thought that women couldn’t make it, I wasn’t raised like that, but I also don’t identify myself as a feminist (not the way it is today). I believe in equality!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Extended Clip!


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Have you seen this 5 minute clip from Guardians of the Galaxy?!


It’s freaking amazing! I can’t wait for August 15th (when the movie finally premieres in Spain)… Hell, I can’t wait for its sequel =D !!!

This week… stress and disappointment!


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This past week, between finishing a report and being busy trying to sequence all my DNA fragments until the end of the month – given that the service closes throughout all the month of August – I had little time and little patience! The only thing I’ve been doing as much as working, is watching the news – thank God that BBC and CNN stream online!

Most of all, I have been in a slight state of shock since the MH17 plane was shot down. I know there are bigger tragedies in the world right now, such as the Israel – Palestine conflict, but I have to admit that what happened in Ukraine shocked me a whole lot more. The “accident” in itself was brutal, but what really got to me was what happened afterwards… the fact that it took the pro-Russian “separatists” 4 days to relinquish the bodies of the victims and the black boxes to the proper authorities was beyond disrespectful. Also profoundly wrong was the fact that the rebels went throught the victims belongings, existing even reports of personal items, such as wedding rings, in the nearby city. Not to mention the fact that they compromised the entire crime scene, and not allowed international observers and specialists free access (and even thought they were authorized to go through, the scene was already altered, maybe to the point of not being reliable, and the “free corridor” seems to be an abstract concept for them).

So, today I was glad that the victims were finally treated with the respect they deserve, because they did not choose to be in the middle of a conflict that it’s not theirs. Dutch officials honored the 40 bodies that arrived today, giving them the most honorable and respectful of funeral processions.

Why this business shocked me so much?! I guess that living in this corner of Europe, one always, unfortunately, expects the conflicts in the Near East, Korea and so forth. It doesn’t mean that Europe is any better, but since the beginning of the 90′s, things have been more or less stable. So this kind of behaviour inside my own continent… it’s awful sad!

I hope that the international officials will be able to perform a full investigation, as well as the complete identification of the remains and their returns to their respective families.

City of Glass: fav quote #1


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f09a9dba-d64c-48e3-ac51-f58b0173d2a1I loved City of Glass, the third book of The Mortal Instruments series, but it is slightly more emotional than the previous one and with slightly less witty and sarcastic remarks. So, I love this one, alas, I basically love love Alec from this book on…

“What happened to you?”
Jace looked affronted. “What happened to me?”
Alec shook him, not lightly. “You said you were going for a walk! What kind of walk takes six hours?”
“A long one?” Jace suggested.” 

― Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass

Moon Pride (full clip)


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Woah! Yesterday, not only did we get another episode of Sailor Moon Crystal (Act 2 – Ami / Sailor Mercury), but we also got a full version clip of the opening theme “Moon Pride“, which gives us a deeper look into the Sailors and the Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.


Watch it below, but be warned that it’s full of spoilers (which are only spoilers if you never saw the anime or read the manga!)…

Celebrity Crush (and Happy 38th Birthday): Benedict Cumberbatch


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I have to admit that the first time I saw a picture of Sherlock‘s Benny I didn’t see what the big whoop was about… But then I watched the series and now I see it. I don’t even have to see it, I only have to listen his voice and goddammit, he has the most gorgeous voice! Am I crazy to root for Smaug in The Hobbit?! So, here it is, my third (and sometimes first) celebrity crush is Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, gorgeous man, gorgeous smile, with the sexiest voice ever, who acts like an adorkable 5 year old! Happy B-day!

I don’t live beyond my means. I enjoy luxury and I enjoy the privilege of it, when I can afford it, and I’m in the situation where it’s been given to me, but I’m very conscious of what is wasteful.

I’ve always had an eye on longevity; I’ve got loads more goals to achieve. It’s not like I’ve completely conquered the whole thing. That’s a lifetime’s objective, not an overnight thing.

It’s the blessing of having a weird face – somewhere between an otter and something people find vaguely attractive.

City of Ashes: fav quote #10


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I much prefer the witty, sarcastic Jace, but I have to admit that this totally stole my breath away… if it wasn’t for the fact that a minute after he told her that he just wanted to be a brother to her… oh Jace!

“I swear, I almost died back there on that ship, you know.”

He let her hand go, but he was staring at her, almost as if he meant to memorize her face. ” I know,” he said. “everytime you almost die, I almost die myself.” 

― Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

Amazon delivery day!


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Happy day!!! Getting my 9 books I ordered last week on amazon today, totally made my day!


The Maze Runner trilogy + prequel; The Infernal Devices trilogy, The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire and The Neanderthal Man. Yeah… The Neanderthal Man is really out of place there! =P

Thank you AMAZON.CO.UK, for the very fast delivery!!! =D


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