Friends S05E11 – Ross’ Leather Pants!

ross leather

Last week I decided to watch Friends from season 1, mainly because I never followed the show (at the time it came out we still din’t have channels dedicated to¬†TV¬†shows in¬†Portugal…). So¬†I’ve¬†been watching and it has the most hilarious moments (like it’s rare to see nowadays on any¬†TV¬†show) and my favorite¬†character¬†is¬†definitely¬†Chandler, I don’t even care that much about Ross… but without a doubt he has some of the best stuff on the show!

This particular scene made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts! It’s an episode about new years resolutions, and Ross decides to get leather pants and goes out with this girl, obviously things don’t go so well… he gets really hot and decides to get the pants out for a moment… the rest is history! enjoy ūüėČ

Movie of the week: Silver Linings Playbook



I love going to the movies… back ate home I used to go every week, but since coming to Barcelona, I find it harder to go to the cinema: here, virtually every theater doubles the movies, there are only a¬†handful¬†of theaters that show the original version; then the ticket prices are really high and finally, there are no sweet¬†popcorn! But I really (really) wanted to see this movie and as it opened last¬†Friday¬† today was the day! And I’m so glad I went (even if I had to endure¬†Spanish¬†subtitles and salt popcorn)!

SilverLiningsPlaybk900So the movie revolves around 2 people (Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence) that had the worst possible things happening to them and their inability to deal with that. Pat (Bradley Cooper) caught his wife having sex in the shower with a co-worker while listening to their wedding music, almost beats the guy to death and ends up spending 8 months in a mental institution. While in there he changes his way to look at life, in order to get back his wife. Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), on her hand, lost her husband, he was run down while out to buy her a gift. Both of them are really messed up and end up helping each other.

In the middle of all the¬†craziness, there’s Pat’s dad (Robert De Niro), who thinks that he’s son actually causes their¬†football¬†team results, Pat’s best friend (John Ortiz) and his wife and Tiffany’s sister (Julia Stiles) that have a very strange marriage.

Amazing movie! Lot’s of layers… great to see them dancing, they have great¬†chemistry, and amazing that the movie makes you cry as well as laugh! AMAZING!!!

Supernatural recap (of the epic) LARP and the Real Girl

Wednesday is Supernatural day! And yesterday was a mega super day for SPN, with the episode LARP and the Real Girl (S08E11)!!! This is one of the episodes that’s gonna stick forever… like the episode where Dean keeps dying (S03E11 Mystery spot) or the one where the guys are sent to another¬†dimension¬†– ours (S06E15 The French Mistake)… And to top it off, Felicia Day is back as Charlie!


So this epic episode starts with Ed, our victim to be, that enters his apartment (full of very geeky stuff… very geeky in deed, like, worst than the 4 ¬†guys from Big Bang Theory) having a heated discussion with someone on the phone and while in bed, gets his limbs torn off with the help of some invisible ropes and we can even hear the hooves of some horses somewhere in the room… ah, and a strange¬†tattoo¬†of some tree like¬†symbol¬†appears on his arm.

Then we see Sam and Dean tiding on their car. Sam is still¬†mopping¬†and Dean gets it, a suggest that the brothers should go out and have some fun, maybe hit a bar or two, while Kevin is on tablet duty. But Sam gets a phone call from Garth and he informs them of a case nearby (yes, he is tracking them via GPS –¬†“And Garth? Its bad enough that you’re tracking us, but it’s even worse when you say ‘We’ve been Garthed’.”) – By the way… I want Garth back ASAP. So while there’s no word from Kevin, Sam wants to work on cases (and have no fun!).

At the vic’s apartment, the boys show their (very fake) badges and the sheriff comments how quick they were – the body’s not even out yet (“The FBI is all work, no play.”). So the sheriff shows the crime scene to Sam (“He lived alone. Which is a real¬†shocker¬†considering this place is full of toys.”) – the sheriff is incredible! – and Sam notices the tattoo on the victim’s arm – “So is anything missing from the body?” “You mean aside from his arms and legs?!”. The sheriff then informs him they have a lead, Lance, based on the phone records (“These kids today with their texting and murder.”).

The brothers question Lance, who¬†immediately¬†starts to cry and tells they that the murderous text¬†messages¬†weren’t from him (“Those texts weren‚Äôt from me. They were from me, but they weren‚Äôt from me me.” “Did you really think that sentence was gonna clear things up.”) and explains about their characters in Moondoor and the LARPing (“He was Lancelot to my Merlin”) – and by the way, this Lance had¬†challenged¬†Ed to a duel with wands and swords at dawn – “Now when you wands, do you mean magic wands?” “No, unmagic wands, agent. Because what I really want in a duel in an unmagic wand!”. So the guys go outside to checkout the website Lance talked about, and recognize the Queen – Charlie (and¬†throughout¬†the video, we can see the¬†excitement¬†in Dean’s face)! Meanwhile, inside the¬†interrogation¬†room, Lance bleeds to death after he¬†receives¬†the same¬†tattoo¬†his friend did.

So the Winchesters decide to go to the game site – “Lucky for us we know the Queen” !!! In Moondoor they are watching a judgment kind of¬†role-play¬†when¬†everything¬†stops because the guy trapped looses his fake teeth (hilarious!) – and then the guys are called on the fakeness of their¬†badges¬†and cheep suits –¬†genera mashup is only every third month…


Then we finally see Charlie, who’s battling one of her squires, he¬†yields¬†and professes his love to her, in a very Star Wars kind of way: “I love you.” “I know.”. And then, as she makes a speech to her leeches, she sees the brothers and is not happy about it! Because if they’re there, so are monsters, then she wonders if she’s a “monster magnet“. After she considers leaving for good (and basically crowning Dean), he informs her that Ed and Lance are both dead, so she stays and decides to help (Dean wanted her to go and be safe and Sam wanted her to stay and help, and she agrees with Sam). – Great moment when Dean helps her with the strategy for the upcoming battle!


The tox results from Lance’s¬†autopsy¬†come back and even though they aren’t any physical signs, Sam tells them “But the medical examiner said his body showed clear signs of belladonna poisoning.”, to which Charlie and Dean respond in unison “The pornstar?” and Sam (with the most¬†amusing¬†face ever) responds “The poison.“. At this moment Sam needs a laptop, but there aren’t any at Moondoor (because there are rules), but there is a tent full of computers… Sam goes to find it.

Charlie informs Dean that he needs to change clothes if he’s going to walk around with her, and she also wants to hear the full wiki of what they’ve been up to.

After Dean recaps their last months (off screen), Charlie informs him that the phantom text to Sam (supposedly¬†from Amelia) was a dick move and he admits it was not his¬†finest¬†hour. They have a very great exchange, and she realizes that he “broke with someone too” (although not in the same¬†sense). And off they go (with a very hot Dean in¬†chain mail), and she tells him that she stayed in the LARPing thing because there she was a here, he tells her that in the real world she’s a hero too, cause without her they wouldn’t have been able to get Dick (“I‚Äôm noticing a lot of these maidens checking you out.” “What, you can‚Äôt shut this down. It‚Äôs good to be queen.”).

In the computer tent, Sam is looking at the files of all the victims, and ends up getting some help from blondie sitting next to him, Galandria, that helps him realize that the symbol is the Celtic symbol for the Tree of Pain, whomever has the mark, will fall prey to fairy magic (while all along flirting with him!). She then¬†asks¬†him to stop by her tent latter, which he declines… bummer!

Charlie and Dean try to find the meaning of the little tree as well, while she flirts with every girl in site (she’s worst than Dean, awesome!). They find out that is the crest for the¬†Shadow King. They run into Boltar and Dean asks her to get back to Sam, while he goes to seek an audience with the King. On her way back she manages to get kidnapped by some disturbing cloaked figure.


Dean reunites with Sam, they share their findings and then realize they lost Charlie!

Charlie wakes up and tries to run away and finds out she can’t (“I‚Äôm just an I.T. girl standing in front of a monster asking it not to kill her”)! Then the mask come off and behind it there a beautiful fairy, Gilda, that tells her she’s been brought to this realm to do her master’s biding and she wants to stop it and be freed.


In their quest to find Charlie, Dean brings a gun to intimidate the Shadow King, and sure enough he tells them everything he knows. And¬†promises¬†not to press charges… And the Shadow orc guy that helps them has a huge crush on the queen… but Dean informs him that he ain’t her type (“What, you mean she’s not into orcs?”). They eventually find the tent, only to get in on the worst moment possible… (“Dudes!¬†If the tent is rockin’ don’t come knockin.”)

Then Gilda reveals that her master is none other than Boltar, that wanted to get rid of the competition in order to become king. After a very unfair fight (because Boltar, aka Jerry, has fairy magic on his side), Charlie is able to destroy the spell book (he got at eBay) in a fashion very similar to Harry Potter with a¬†basilisk¬†fang destroying Tom Riddle’s diary in HP and the Chamber of Secrets. Gilda tells them she will take Jerry to her realm, to face a tribunal, but she doesn’t go without a kiss goodbye from Charlie (“Call me… maybe.”). I also like how Jerry refers to Sam as “the big one”!


Charlie decides she will stay and face reality and offers her help whenever they need. And when Dean asks her if she’s good… “Apart from the fact that you blocked me from banging a fairy and I‚Äôm about to go lose my crown in battle thanks to my army being decimated, yeah, totally good.”

“Smell you latter bitches”


So Dean and Sam talk and Sam decides that they both need some fun… and comes the best part of the episode! Dean, in character (with a blond wig) replays the Bravehart speech (“it’s the only one he knows”), which gets¬†interrupted¬†by a frisbee in the middle of the battlefield and a random normal dude getting it, and he resume and off they go, Sam and Dean in epic clothes, face paint¬†and stylish¬†hairdos!¬†(How hot is Jared Padalecki, aka Sam, with a ponytail?!)




One of the best SPN episodes to date! Great to see them have some fun again, mainly because they were so off sync for the first half of the season! Great job!

Last Criminal Minds, 2 Broke Girls, HIMYM and Cougar Town

I will not make a recap of last weeks Criminal Minds… it was just so so sad! In this episode,¬†Zugzwang¬†(S08E12), Reid discovers that Maeve has been¬†kidnapped¬†and asks the BAU for help to find her. When they find her, he offers himself in trade for her, but¬†shortly¬†after they see each other for the first time, she’s killed when the¬†abductor¬†shoots herself… =(


It was such a sad moment! They declare their love for each other (without actually saying it) and he sees her die! I know that when they decided to give Reid a love story, they agreed that it should be unique and end tragically… but come on… they didn’t even kissed… and he was so happy =(

2 Broke Girls –¬†And Too Little Sleep (S02E14): This week’s episode finds the girls in sleep¬†deprivation¬†and not dealing so well with that. In other news, Max keeps communicating with Andy (sending pics of cute animal friendships) and Caroline kind of freaks out, which leads to Max and Andy’s “breakup” (which I have to say, I fund even more sad than the real breakup last week… I just loved their friendship…).


OOOOhhhhh, I’m really gonna miss Max’s and Andy’s talks! =(


HIMYM –¬†Ring Up!¬†(S08E14): Ted gets a much younger girlfriend, with whom he can’t actually relate, and Barney (wanting to live¬†vicariously¬†through him) begs him to sleep with the girl, which eventually he does (because she likes Star Wars… but just the last 3! “close enough!”). Afterwards Barney finds out that the younger girl is actually his baby half-sister and gets mad at his best bro, even tries to get them married, but then they realize that Barney detoxed from the one night stands ;-). Meanwhile, Robin realizes that the engagement ring makes her invisible to other men (like the ring in TLOTR or the¬†cloak¬†from Harry Potter – references she doesn’t quite get!), but after she realizes she has to start paying for drinks, food or rent, she realizes that it is all worth it (cause she has Barney) and that she still can get what she wants (by asking him!). Lilly and Marshall live up her sexual fantasies…

Ring Up


Cougar Town – ¬†Between Two Worlds¬†(S04E03): There is a great review of last night’s episode here:¬†,90904/, it’s worth reading! But basically, Bobby is afraid that he is all he’s ever gonna be, so he tries to reinvent himself by becoming Ron Mexico, a guy everyone one wants to party with… (‚ÄúI peaked in college, I drive a golf cart instead of a car, and I live on a crusty boat that‚Äôs so full of spiders, it‚Äôs like a spider nursery. Oh, also? My wife divorced me and ended up marrying one of my best friends! You know, sometimes, late at night, after I‚Äôve killed the day‚Äôs spiders, I lie in bed wondering if I‚Äôll ever be more than I already am.‚ÄĚ). Jules is afraid her marriage has no passion because Grayson does everything she wants. And Laurie, while waiting to hear from Wade, tries to find out Travis superpower, because everyone has one:¬†Jules can solve any problem during sex, Ellie can start a fight between any two people, Andy can find anything, Stan has crazy toddler strength, Bobby can bestow the perfect nickname to anyone and Grayson is a master at impersonation. Laurie soon realizes what we all have known for long… Travis superpower is that he his selfless (‚ÄúSelfless Man‚ÄĚ), he puts everyone’s needs in front of his own! (the boy is crazy for Laurie, when will she wake up?!)… (Still not over last week, when Jules comments on Game of Thrones, such as “I let my son and his girlfriend (not Laurie) watch porn” or¬†‚ÄúThis show has so much butt sex!‚ÄĚ) ¬Ľ¬Ľ¬Ľ I will be so sad at the end of this year!


Shameless and the American Dream

Lets recap this Sunday’s episode of Shameless – The American Dream (S03E02):


Fiona panics about the thousand dollars she gave away to promote a night on the club. But she stars to plan it, decides to take her own beverages to the club, buys almost $5000 worth of drinks (and “pays” the mob guy with a check without coverage). Her night ¬†in the club goes kind of well, but after she pays everyone and puts away the mob guy’s money, she end up with only $900 (in all this thing she lost money)…

Lip is pissed off with his sister for “gambling” the money away and (after Mandy puts the idea in his head) he tells her that maybe he¬†should¬†step up as the person who controls the doe… He manages to get the money for the property taxes by scamming (‚ÄúWhen you‚Äôre poor, only way to make money is to steal it or scam it. Like Don King or Joe Kennedy.‚ÄĚ).

Jimmy finds out that Beto is on his doorstep (always) and is caught by Beto when trying to steal a car (because Fiona needs money…) and the¬†Brazilian¬†guy breaks his pinkie (weird scene :S). So he skips Fiona’s night pretending to be sick.

Frank got back to his old ways. Showed up drunk at home and Debbie got him a place to sleep (despite¬†all of what her brothers said…). After that, he brings a couple of friends home with him and after some¬†struggles, they find their way to Deb’s room, where one of the guys pisses in the corner, Frank lies in her bed. All the¬†Gallaghers try to get the men out, Frank resists and Debbie (finally) sees her father’s true colors… and comes the scene that totally stole the episode: Debbie gets her bag full of soaps (for protection when shes walking home alone at night) and beats Frank to a pulp while her brothers and sister watch her without knowing what to do! So finally Lip and Ian get Frank and dump him in the garbage, where he belongs… Latter he does the unthinkable… he calls¬†Child Protective Services and reports his own family.


Ian gets to see Mickey, who’s out earlier for overcrowding, and spends his time trying to figure out if Mickey likes him (my guess is that he does… more than he will ever admit it…).

Sheila and Jody
can’t get any rest ’cause the baby won’t stop crying… so they ask Debs to babysit, and while she’s out, she asks Frank’s help to calm the baby (this was before the bag with soaps thing), and Frank slips the kid some vallium, sure enough he goes to sleep… so at the end of the episode, when Frank needs a place to stay, he goes to their house and manages to shut the baby up again (vallium again) and they let him stay to take care of the baby… (‚ÄúLook at him. He‚Äôs like the baby whisperer.‚ÄĚ –¬†really? it’s Frank….)

On other news, Kevin’s wife shows up with a kid (that’s probably his) and V asks Fiona to spend the night at her house.

Mandy decides she will do what it takes to get Lip into college…


I liked to see Fiona doing something for herself, but I kind have to agree with Lip: she gambled their money!

How cute was baby Liam calling Jimmy his daddy?!

What’s Mandy still doing at their house?! Her brother is out, why isn’t she back at home?! I like that she wants Lip to have a future and for¬†acknowledging that her only way out is to get¬†pregnant¬†or¬†arrested, but¬†shouldn’t¬†she at least¬†show some respect for the people living in that house, and wear some pants (or panties) once in a while?!

Who else thinks that in this episode, Frank totally crossed the line… twice! Vallium to a baby? Reporting your own family?!

Supernatural: Torn and Frayed

This past week Supernatural episode (810) had the boys finally making some decisions and it was just about time!

 Torn and Frayed

We get a lot of guest stars this week: Misha Collins as Castiel, Mark Sheppard as Crowley, Osric Chau as Kevin, Ty Olsson as Benny, Liane Balaban as Amelia, Amanda Tapping as Naomi and Tyler Johnston returns as the angel Samandriel.

So, Samandriel was captured by Crowley who wants to know about the Demon tablet and is able to get a message to Naomi though the “angel radio”. Naomi then summons Castiel and sends him to rescue Samandriel, but of course, it is “his idea”…

Meanwhile, Sam is still in Texas (after his¬†encounter¬†with Amelia in the last episode) and Dean goes to him, however Sam is still pretty mad with his brother (and lets face it… he has good reasons for it) and Dean leaves alone.

Back at Bobby’s cabin, Castiel asks Dean for his help to get Samandriel and in the absence of Sam, they go to the next best thing… Garth! Who isn’t there, but Kevin is (and he ditched his mom because she distracted him), super occupied trying to translate half a tablet. Kevin gives Castiel the list of ingredients for the demon bomb and there he goes…


Benny calls Dean, obviously in need of a friend, but Dean can’t at the moment, but he¬†promises¬†that as soon as he wraps up he’s meeting up with him.

In the meantime in Texas, Amelia shows up at the motel where Sam is and end up sleeping together. After, they agree that in 2 days if they both are there they stay together, but if he goes, he doesn’t come back…


On his way home, Castiel, with all the demon bomb’s¬†ingredients, he stops at Texas (right on the bench were Sam is) and asks for his help… (Dean isn’t really happy about this…)


They all go to the factory where Samandriel is being held and the brothers go up ahead to¬†deactivate¬†the angel¬†blocking¬†things (Castiel gives Sam his angel blade that, now we know, can also kill demons). After a few fights (and Dean saving Sam’s life), they deactivate all the symbols and Castiel is able to enter the factory but is extremely week due to all the¬†writings¬†on the walls (and he stars to get¬†some kind¬†of flashbacks of Naomi messing with his brain)…


So to open the door Dean thinks it a good idea to bump into it… and Sam follows… LOL! They finally get inside, but not before Crowley is able to extract vital information from the angel, about the angel tablet! Crowley disapears, the brothers get the other demon and Castiel takes Samandriel out. By the car, Samandriel says he can’t go back to heaven, because he said to much, he also says that Naomi is¬†controlling¬†them (in this moment Castiel is pushed back to Naomi’s office, who tells him that he has to kill Samandriel, he’s a liability, she also gives him the script to tell the brothers…). And so Castiel does! He kills Samandriel and Sam and Dean get outside just in time to hear the explanation (he was compromised)…


Right after Castiel’s eye bleed and he explains that his vessel must have gotten damaged inside. After he leaves with Samandriel’s body (to return him to the heavens – Naomi wants to know exactly what Cowley got out of him), Dean reinforces to Sam that something isn’t quite right with Cas.

Torn and Frayed

Back at Bobby’s, Dean calls Benny (who is feeding from a human blood bag – and only has one left, so we are left to imagine that things aren’t going to go well) and tells him that he ain’t gonna meet him, this is the end of the line for him (basically¬†he’s choosing his brother). Benny gets it,¬†even though he’s clearly sad about it…

Sam chooses his brother too and does not meet up with Amelia in Texas (although we see that Amelia clearly choose him in spite of her husband). And the episode closes with the 2 brothers eating dinner in front of the TV, and it was about time!


1. I’m gonna miss Benny, although I don’t think his storyline is over just yet!

2. Great to see Kevin, even¬†better because he’s totally neurotic =)

3. I really hope they closed the door on the Amelia thing for good! I love Sam and I enjoy nothing more than to see him happy… and it would be great to see him in a happy relationship. This wasn’t it! They didn’t click! There was nothing good there… just the dog!

4. Always good to see Crowley… shame he didn’t interact with the guys…

5. When will Cas¬†realize¬†what he’s been doing?! I don’t like to see him get used like that…

6. I totally get why everyone still calls Samandriel “Alfie”… it’s hard to write (and say)!

7. Although not a very fun episode, it finally closed a door… the brothers are in it together again and they are all in…

Some TV week in review

This I wasn’t able to watch everything I wanted this week, but here’s the cliffs notes of what I did get to watch…


Bones had a double feature this week (episodes 810 and 811).


In the first one (The Diamond in the Rough) the couple goes undercover to a dance competition and we learn that Booth can (sort of) dance but Brennan really doesn’t and really likes it (and thinks she’s actually good…). In other news, Angela is tired of her job, she wants do make the world more beautiful and not the other way around, so (at Hodgin’s request) Cam cuts her hours because having a bit of Angela in the lab is better than not having her at all. Squintern: Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry). PS: great to see Mary Murphy and Tyce Diorio on the show.


In the second episode (The Archaeologist in the Cocoon) they investigate a murder of an archaeologist that found some Homo sapiens and¬†Neanderthals bones (4 individuals), and Brennan and Clark fight for the credit of the findings. Squintern (sort of): Dr. Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd).¬†(I know we are talking about¬†fiction¬†and¬†I actually like that they brought up such a controversial topic as Human/Neanderthal hybridization, but there is no way that they could accurately¬†say that the bones of the child were female… at 3 years old there aren’t sexual¬†characters¬†in the bones to allow such conclusions)



This week episode (episode 511 –¬†Under the Influence) was actually not about Caskett… at all… Instead, it was all about Esposito. The case revolved around a kid with whom Espo connects. (I thought the case was a bit light and kind of¬†predictable¬†.. and I missed Caskett time…)

2 Broke Girls

And The Bear Truth

In this episode (episode 213 –¬†And the Bear Truth) Max, Caroline and Andy go to a cabin for the weekend (with just one bed) and Andy realizes that Caroline’s priorities are all about her’s and Max’s new business… and she will get to him eventually (she even forgets his birthday…). This leads to Andy breaking up with Caroline ( =( I can’t believe it… first they ruin all the chances for Max and Jonnhy, and now Andy?!)…

How I Met Your Mother


In episode 813 (Band or DJ?) Robin insists that Barney has to ask permission to her father in order to marry her, which he first says no, but Barney is able to turn things around. On the other hand, Lilly and Ted both want to plan the wedding and have a huge discussion between¬†hiring¬†a band or DJ and turns out that “band” is an metaphor for Barney and Ted admits do Lilly that he is not OK with Robin choosing Barney and Lilly admits to him that sometimes she just wants to run away, because motherhood is¬†tough… at the end of the episode we see Ted on the subway (one week before the wedding) talking to Cindy (Rachel Bilson) and Casey (Kaylee DeFer) about the band that just cancelled and they tell him that Cindy’s ex-roommate has a wedding band and is free… we then see the wedding (one week after) where Robin is dancing with her father and Ted is looking to the girl playing guitar (the mom).

The Vampire Diaries recap: After School Special



The Vampire Diaries is finally back!

Episode 410 begins with memorial for Carol Lockwood (for those who don’t remember, she was killed in the previous episode, as a way to Klaus get revenge for Tyler helping the hybrids break the sire bond and plan to take him down) – Tyler isn’t taking it well, mainly because everybody is under the impression that she was too drunk and slipped and drowned, so the official cause of death is “accidental”, but Tyler know better and is pissed!

Then we get to meet the new mayor, whom turns out to be Bonnie’s father, Rudy Hopkins.

Rebekah is back (undaggered by April) and she’s mad! She lures Elena with April’s help, and then manages to capture Caroline and Stefan, and compels them to not leave their seats and to answer her truthfully. She wants to know everything that happened while she was dead, because the last time she was there, they knew where to find the sword, they had a hunter, so why don’t they have the cure yet?! Stefan then tells her that Shane know where the cure is, and that they don’t need the sword or the hunter, so she sends Kol after Shane (and damn, Kol come back hotter!).

After School Special

She’s still curious to why Stefan (who was willing to take the cure himself, so he could grow old and die with Elena) is not¬†actively¬†pursuing¬†the cure. Caroline tells her “They broke up!”, and now the fun begins. Stefan explains that she slept with Damon (which Elena didn’t knew he knew, and¬†immediately acknowledges¬†that Caroline spilled the beans), and Rebekah whats to know why she did it, Stefan explains that it’s because she’s sired to Damon but she didn’t¬†knew¬†it at the time. So when Rebekah presses Elena, she finally admits¬†“I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him.”¬†

Than, under a compelled dare, she explains that being with Damon makes her happy, when she’s with him it feels¬†unpredictable, she’s free. With Stefan she feels like a project, a problem that needs to be fixed, she thinks she makes him sad, and can’t be with someone like that because “When he looks at me, all he see is a broken toy”, she then says that she still loves Stefan, but she is not in love with him anymore (aleluia… that took forever!). At this point Rebekah is quite pleased, to be able to show Stefan how it feels to be stabbed in the heart by someone you love.
After School Special

Rebekah calls Tyler, telling him she has his girlfriend, and because she and Kol plan to get all the information they can out of Shane, she compels Tyler to shift, knowing that he looses all control in wolf form, and tells the 3 vampires, Elena, Stefan and Caroline that they can run, but just inside the school…


At Shane’s torture (because he can’t be compelled) he admits being behind the town council’s deaths, and more 12 related¬†murders, because he¬†couldn’t¬†care less¬†about the cure, all he wants is Silas (who¬†apparently¬†can raise all the souls that died on his behalf). Kol wants to kill him, because Silas is worst than anything they faced before, but Rebekah thinks that is just a myth (really girl?! you’re a vampire and you think he is the myth?!). Kol has his way (or so he thinks) and stabs the professor, which drives Rebekah insane, ’cause she really needed him, alive! Anyway, he’s not really dead! Bonnie (carrying¬†an ugly human bone necklace that Shane gave to her) preforms a protection spell that somehow links his life to April’s and she suffers the same injuries he does, but he doesn’t die and she almost does (almost… that’s a¬†pity!)…

Tyler fights the transformation for as long as he can, but then he can’t hold it anymore and tells his friends (and girlfriend) to run. Elena and Stefan manage to dodge him, and eventually find Bonnie with a almost dead April, and Stefan gives her his blood, she wakes up and they tell them both to leave (because the vampires can’t leave! Original Barbie hasn’t allowed it yet!). Caroline then find a human (and naked) Tyler in the gym and he finally cries over the death of his mother,¬†admitting¬†that he believes that everything that happened is his fault.

Meanwhile, Elena tries to talk to Stefan, but he doesn’t want to hear it,¬†“How many more ways are there for you rip my heart out?”. Rebekah finds them alive, “Why are my least favorite people always the most durable?”, and offers to take Stefan’s pain away, erasing all the memories and feelings that he has of Elena, she off course says no, but Stefan says yes, and asks Rebekah to do it! She won’t do it, obviously, that’s is punishment, to suffer for eternity, she would never took away his memories, the way Klaus took his about her. And now Elena knows how Stefan feels and what more can be said about that?! They are then allowed to leave!

In the meantime, at the lake house, Damon is training Jeremy with Matt’s help, and listening to¬†voice mails¬†left by Elena (and missing her, terribly). Klaus shows up and he thinks that it’s going to slow! (Pause: here Damon shows the kids how it’s done and shoots Klaus in the chest for killing Carol Lockwood! Come on… is this the guy who doesn’t have any friends?! I don’t think so…) One week and not one vampire killed! He won’t have it… so he changes the pizza delivery girl, who attacks Matt, and Jer has to stake her. Jeremy tells he does not like his methods, but Damon confesses to Klaus that he had thought about it (but to not¬†disappoint¬†Elena, he wasn’t willing to do it).


So, Damon is digging a hole to dump the pizza girl’s body in it, and gets a call from Elena, that after telling him that she trust him, proceeds to telling him that she loves him and that she never felt anything like it before…¬†“You can say it’s the sire bond, but it’s the most real thing I’ve felt in my entire life, I love you, Damon. I love you.”¬†(and in this moment there are no words to¬†describe¬†Damon’s face, he’s just so happy…). He then warns her that he will do things…¬†“Look. I‚Äôm going get this cure for you. And I‚Äôm gonna have to do things you‚Äôre not gonna like.”… but then asks her to come over…. “Now, listen carefully. Get in your car, right now. Come to me.”¬†and she tells him ¬†“I’ll be there soon.”

After Bonnie finds the professor alive and well, they talk about the kind of magic she’s been doing, the expression, and he tells her that is either good or bad, but also doesn’t has any limits. Shane also tells her that she is the key and he will protect her.

After School Special

April goes to Liz and Bonnie’s dad and tells them that Shane was behind the explosion of the town council and she wants things to change.

Latter Stefan calls Rebekah over and tells her that Shane isn’t dead after all and that they should help each other, because they don’t have anyone else… Listen, I hate my brother. And you hate yours. But Damon’s got Jeremy. Klaus has the sword. And Shane has Bonnie. You and I are the only ones left with nothing. You said it yourself, right? Whoever finds the cure first gets to decide what to do with it. So what do you say? You want to be partners?”

Klaus fixes the problem (of Jer not killing enough vampires) and turns everyone in a local road pub, so Jeremy can kill all the vampires he wants. Jeremy is mad and tells Damon that they agreed they wouldn’t do it that way… but Damon admits, Klaus’s way is better… =/


1. How annoying is April? Weren’t you just a little sad/mad when Stefan saved her?!

2. How great is Rebekah?! I think she might even be more sadistic than her brother (and that is saying a lot)…

3. So Bonnie gets to the school, finds out that 3 of her closest friends are being held hostages, and all she worries about is professor Shane?! Really????

4. Still judgy Caroline (although she was great with Tyler)…

5. Jeremy should never wear anything else ever again!

After School Special

6. Damon to Jeremy: “I’m updated our relationship status to: It’s Complicated.” (epic)

7. How can Stefan still believe that everything that Elena feels has to do with the sire bond? Wasn’t he there the past few seasons? Wasn’t he the one telling her to take the¬†road trip¬†to sort out her feelings? What doesn’t he get? She is right, he wants to fix her and at least Damon accepted her as is (as he said before, he is fine with her either way)…

8. Shane’s reaction when meeting 2 original vampires… just beautiful! (Although, I don’t like Shane and I really hopes he dies at the end of the season… or earlier… either way…)

9. Has anyone actually asked Elena if she wants the cure?! I know she didn’t want to be a vampire, wanted to grow old and stuff… but has anyone asked?! I’m assuming she wants it bad, but will she?!