I’m not girly little Caroline anymore


So, after resisting for more than 3 years, I finally came around to start watching The Vampire Diaries.

To be honest, I don’t even know why I resisted so much… I’m a fan of the Twilight saga and I like True Blood, and all the supernatural shows (especially Supernatural!), so why I resisted so much is a mystery to me!

But I finally came around, and began watching about 2 weeks ago and to my surprise, I love it!

I love that the characters are not what they seem at first, and we see enormous transformations throughout the seasons. For me the most drastic one was of Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola).


For the first season she was a bit annoying, insecure, Damon’s puppet. But then season 2 came and she became a vampire and she evolved! She stands up to Damon, turns her mother around (twice), is tortured by her father and forgives him, helps Tyler (risking her live in the process at least twice), stand up to Klaus, is able to forgive Alaric after learning he killed her father, helps Abby when she becomes a vampire, gives a life lesson to Jamie when he doesn’t accept Abby, and another to Jeremy because he’s kissing his dead ex-girlfriend, and another to Matt because either way Elena is spoken for, and so on… Not to mention the fact that she is the only one who can bring out Klaus’s humanity. She became a strong and independent woman.

So, she’s one of my favorite characters on the show, probably tied with Damon and Alaric, and she’s freaking amazing!

I personally love her relationship with Tyler, she brought out the best in him and so did he. But I cannot deny that I would like to see what she and Klaus would be like together.


Either way, I love her, she’s a great character…