You traveled across the country to get me to talk to a dead vampire?

ImageContinuing in the same theme, I just loved this episode (TVD S03E09 Heart of Darkness)!

The story line is basically that Elena and Damon go to get Jeremy because he’s not safe anymore away from home and because they need him to contact Rose, in order to learn who sired her, to determine to which bloodline they all belong (so they don’t kill the wrong Original). Meanwhile, Stefan stays with Alaric to get out of the Darkness where he hid the last White Oak Stake. And Caroline is able to ditch the dance preparations to go see her boyfriend. (By the way, have you noticed that they have dances at least once a month?!)

So, this episode is awesome ’cause:

First… JEREMY IS BACK! And kicking serious ass with the “I see dead people” thing!

Jeremy: You traveled across the country to get me to talk to a dead vampire?

Damon: Dead vampire is redundant, but yes.


Second… ROSE IS BACK! And she came with some words to make Jeremy think…

Rose (to Jeremy about Damon): And tell him I’m rooting for him and Elena.

Rose (to Jeremy about Damon and Elena): Are we there yet? Don’t tell them I’m here. They had a fight. I know you want to stop it. Protect her from him. But you’re young, you don’t see what I see. It’s not just that she makes him a better person, she does, but he changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her, he makes her question her life, beliefs. Stefan is different, his love is pure, he’ll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst.

(and I have to say, one of the best speeches so far in the series, probably because I’m team Damon 2!)


Third… TYLER IS (FINALLY) BACK! And he and Caroline have a very hot date in the woods… which is always nice to watch… And he was able to break the sire bond (just in time, seeing how is old master has the hots for his girl).

Tyler: Did I mention I miss you? Bad.

Caroline: Mm, at some point we are going to do this in an actual bed, right?


Fourth… BAD ALARIC IS BADASS! The Darkness eventually comes out to play and it ain’t pretty! He’s bad, really really bad! That simple fact makes him even sexier, if that was possible…

Stefan: I’m gonna kill you in three… two…one.

Alaric: It’s in the cave. Where no vampire can get it.

Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman on The Vampire Diaries S03E19 Heart of Darkness 11

Fifth… ESTHER IS ALSO BACK! She tells her daughter she’s dying and Rebekah (even though she’s still pretty mad at her mother) goes for it… what really happens is that  Esther hijacks Rebekah’s body and takes Alaric to the cave to recover the White Oak Stake, with a plan to kill all of her children.

Alaric: There’s only one stake out there. Which means only one Original has to die. Help me and I’ll make sure it’s not you.
Esther (as Rebekah): Tenuous, but points for effort. You see, I don’t want one Original to die. I want them all to die.


And finally…

Sixth… ELENA FINALLY (FINALLY) KISSES DAMON (AND WHAT A KISS!)! So, Stefan convinces Elena to go with Damon on a road trip because he thinks she has feelings for him…

       Elena: Listen, Stefan is gonna watch over you for a little while. Now that Klaus knows where Jeremy is, it’s not safe so, Damon and I are gonna go to Denver to pick him up.

       Alaric: Why do you say that like you’re waiting for me to disapprove?

Elena: I don’t know. Me and Damon. Traveling across the country.

Alaric: I guess I’m more curious to hear what Stefan has to say about it.

Elena: Actually, it was his idea. He thinks that I have some unresolved feelings for Damon.

Alaric: Do you?

Elena: I guess that’s why I’m going on this trip. So I can figure it out.

So, there they go (and first class, with no compulsion necessary… “Pft, please. I use miles.”). After they find Jeremy and he’s trying to contact Rose, Elena learns what Damon did for Rose on her deathbed (“She spent her last day in paradise. Soaking in the sun and reminiscing about what it means to be human. And when death came, she didn’t fear it.”) and she becomes visibly conflicted.

Then Damon has to walk around shirtless (which obviously doesn’t help), she looks at him, he sees her, looks at her, they look at each other, he goes to her bed and lays down next to her…

       Elena: You never told me about that. What you did for Rose.

Damon: It wasn’t about you.

Elena: Why don’t you let people see the good in you?

Damon: Because when people see good, they expect good. (He turns his head and looks at Elena.) And I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations.

Then he tries to hold her hand, she runs off outside, he goes after her and she runs to kiss him… well, it’s not just a kiss, it’s a real make out session… (the video is below)

They eventually find who sired Rose…

Damon: Scary Mary. She’s really old, super creepy.

Elena: And how do you know her?

Damon: I dated her.

Elena: Of course.

Damon: What? I said creepy, not ugly.

But she’s already dead, killed by Kol, so the origin of their bloodline remains a mystery.

Elena and Damon have another moment, where he realizes that she’s waiting for him to screw up as usual to make her decision easier. But not this time!

Damon: What are you doing?

Elena: What do you mean?

Damon: Well, this trip and you kissing me. What the hell is this?

Elena: Stefan thinks that I have feelings for you.

Damon: Do you?

Elena: I- I don’t – I don’t know.

Damon: Hm. I guess you thought this little trip could help you figure that out, didn’t you?

Elena: No.

Damon: Or maybe you were hoping I’d screw it up, so I could just make the decision for you, am I wrong?

Elena: Damon…

Damon: Am I wrong??

Elena: It’s what you do, Damon. You sabotage things, you… I mean, think about it, every time there’s a bump in the road, you lash out.

Damon: What if I didn’t? What if there was no bump? I’m sorry, Elena. This time I’m not gonna make it so easy for you. This time you’ll have to figure it out for yourself.

And that’s a wrap…