The Phantom of the Opera


Because today premieres the third season of Shameless, where Emmy Rossum plays Fiona Gallagher (the main character), I remembered the first movie I saw with her, The Phantom of the Opera.

I love this movie (I also read the original book and intend to see the musical this year). I remembered it today because I was listening to random musics on my phone and one from the movie just popped up and it just reminded me how talented this lady is.

So, have you seen The Phantom of the Opera (movie from 2004)?! Emmy Rossum plays Christine, alongside with Gerard Butler (The Phantom) and Patrick Wilson (Raoul). She was merely 16 years old when the made the movie (18 when it came out), but you never would have guessed it when you hear her on it.

The main music:

This is my favorite music from Christine and Raoul:

Emmy (on the kissing scene with Patrick Wilson): “In this one scene, it took three days to shoot and it’s the scene where my character passionately kisses her fiancé for the first time. It was so complex with the snow coming down that it took three days to shoot. By the end of the three days I’d kissed him so much that my lips had swollen up–so much that I had to use an ice pack in between takes. Hardship, I know!”

And this is my favorite from Christine and Erik (phantom):

(poor Raoul)

At least this movie gives us another perspective to actors that we see regularly, like Gerard Butler or Patrick Wilson, that have amazing voices. Although, even as the phantom, Gerard is still gorgeous…

And as a bonus, here is the Mucis of the Night (all Gerard):

And now, I think I’ll have to watch the movie, again, for like the 50th time or something…


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