The return of Miss Judgy Caroline?!

My Brother’s Keeper

I’ve said this before, but i’ll say it again: I absolutely love Candice’s character on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline Forbes! But seriously, what’s up with her this season (S04)?! Is she regressing? Mainly in the last 3 episodes, she turned around to being a  judgmental bit**…

I get that she is friends with Stefan and that she has a turbulent past with Damon, but since when are all the problems in Mystic Falls caused by Damon?! Is she forgetting he saved her life more than once?! And since when is Stefan’s ripper state less bad than Damon on any given day?! And what is with all the crap about Elena not being well?! She’s sired, not brain damaged!

The part where she pretends to break up with Tyler so that Klaus wouldn’t know about the hybrids breaking the sire bond, is cool, and she obviously trusts her boyfriend enough to let him hang out with that Hayley chic, but doesn’t she see how bad she’s treating Tyler? With all the smiles and good times with Klaus (even if not planed)… Not to mention, Tyler trusts her with a secret and she goes and blabs to Stefan?!

Same with Elena… Elena asks her to shut up until she and Damon are able to tell Stefan, and she tells him anyway?! Elena knew she was sired to Damon and she’s old enough to make her own decisions… I get it… Stefan was all touchy feeling about family and trust and she felt that Damon (as usual) was doing wrong by his brother… but come on Caroline! Really?! “How together are they?” Really?!

I still love her, but I’m mad! She killed a person when she changed and Elena accepted her just as she was and she was not a good friend to her in the first half of the season…