Latest TV addiction: Cougar Town



I know I’m a few years late (the show is on it’s 4th season now), but I just started to watch Cougar Town (just wrapped up season 1, going to season 2), and I have to say: the show is amazing!

It starts for being exactly what it sounds like: older woman chasing very young men, but that doesn’t last long. The characters are extremely funny and slightly alcoholic, but address real (kind of) situations.

The show has a lot of great actors/actresses that we have seen before on tv, many many times, and they are extremely funny…

  • Courteney Cox as Jules Cobb – ex-wife of Bobby, mother to Travis and newlywed to Grayson (season 4). Best friends with Ellie and Laurie.
  • Christa Miller as Ellie Torres – Next door neighbor and best friend. Wife of Andy Torres and mother Stan. (I loved her on Scrubs and the character isn’t that different…)
  • Busy Philipps as Laurie Keller – Jules’ assistant and friend.
  • Dan Byrd as Travis Cobb – Jules’ and Bobby’s son. Flirts a lot with Laurie. (Best mother/son relationship on TV)
  • Josh Hopkins as Grayson Ellis – Owner of Grayson’s Pub, he lives across the street from Jules. Dated a lot of younger women before Jules, but finally proposes on season 3.
  • Ian Gomez as Andy Torres – Ellie’s husband, best friends with Bobby (weirdest man friendship on TV). (He is hilarious! Do you remember him in Felicity?!)
  • Brian Van Holt as Bobby Cobb – Jules’ ex who lives on his boat in a parking lot.