The Vampire Diaries recap: After School Special



The Vampire Diaries is finally back!

Episode 410 begins with memorial for Carol Lockwood (for those who don’t remember, she was killed in the previous episode, as a way to Klaus get revenge for Tyler helping the hybrids break the sire bond and plan to take him down) – Tyler isn’t taking it well, mainly because everybody is under the impression that she was too drunk and slipped and drowned, so the official cause of death is “accidental”, but Tyler know better and is pissed!

Then we get to meet the new mayor, whom turns out to be Bonnie’s father, Rudy Hopkins.

Rebekah is back (undaggered by April) and she’s mad! She lures Elena with April’s help, and then manages to capture Caroline and Stefan, and compels them to not leave their seats and to answer her truthfully. She wants to know everything that happened while she was dead, because the last time she was there, they knew where to find the sword, they had a hunter, so why don’t they have the cure yet?! Stefan then tells her that Shane know where the cure is, and that they don’t need the sword or the hunter, so she sends Kol after Shane (and damn, Kol come back hotter!).

After School Special

She’s still curious to why Stefan (who was willing to take the cure himself, so he could grow old and die with Elena) is not actively pursuing the cure. Caroline tells her “They broke up!”, and now the fun begins. Stefan explains that she slept with Damon (which Elena didn’t knew he knew, and immediately acknowledges that Caroline spilled the beans), and Rebekah whats to know why she did it, Stefan explains that it’s because she’s sired to Damon but she didn’t knew it at the time. So when Rebekah presses Elena, she finally admits “I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him.” 

Than, under a compelled dare, she explains that being with Damon makes her happy, when she’s with him it feels unpredictable, she’s free. With Stefan she feels like a project, a problem that needs to be fixed, she thinks she makes him sad, and can’t be with someone like that because “When he looks at me, all he see is a broken toy”, she then says that she still loves Stefan, but she is not in love with him anymore (aleluia… that took forever!). At this point Rebekah is quite pleased, to be able to show Stefan how it feels to be stabbed in the heart by someone you love.
After School Special

Rebekah calls Tyler, telling him she has his girlfriend, and because she and Kol plan to get all the information they can out of Shane, she compels Tyler to shift, knowing that he looses all control in wolf form, and tells the 3 vampires, Elena, Stefan and Caroline that they can run, but just inside the school…


At Shane’s torture (because he can’t be compelled) he admits being behind the town council’s deaths, and more 12 related murders, because he couldn’t care less about the cure, all he wants is Silas (who apparently can raise all the souls that died on his behalf). Kol wants to kill him, because Silas is worst than anything they faced before, but Rebekah thinks that is just a myth (really girl?! you’re a vampire and you think he is the myth?!). Kol has his way (or so he thinks) and stabs the professor, which drives Rebekah insane, ’cause she really needed him, alive! Anyway, he’s not really dead! Bonnie (carrying an ugly human bone necklace that Shane gave to her) preforms a protection spell that somehow links his life to April’s and she suffers the same injuries he does, but he doesn’t die and she almost does (almost… that’s a pity!)…

Tyler fights the transformation for as long as he can, but then he can’t hold it anymore and tells his friends (and girlfriend) to run. Elena and Stefan manage to dodge him, and eventually find Bonnie with a almost dead April, and Stefan gives her his blood, she wakes up and they tell them both to leave (because the vampires can’t leave! Original Barbie hasn’t allowed it yet!). Caroline then find a human (and naked) Tyler in the gym and he finally cries over the death of his mother, admitting that he believes that everything that happened is his fault.

Meanwhile, Elena tries to talk to Stefan, but he doesn’t want to hear it, “How many more ways are there for you rip my heart out?”. Rebekah finds them alive, “Why are my least favorite people always the most durable?”, and offers to take Stefan’s pain away, erasing all the memories and feelings that he has of Elena, she off course says no, but Stefan says yes, and asks Rebekah to do it! She won’t do it, obviously, that’s is punishment, to suffer for eternity, she would never took away his memories, the way Klaus took his about her. And now Elena knows how Stefan feels and what more can be said about that?! They are then allowed to leave!

In the meantime, at the lake house, Damon is training Jeremy with Matt’s help, and listening to voice mails left by Elena (and missing her, terribly). Klaus shows up and he thinks that it’s going to slow! (Pause: here Damon shows the kids how it’s done and shoots Klaus in the chest for killing Carol Lockwood! Come on… is this the guy who doesn’t have any friends?! I don’t think so…) One week and not one vampire killed! He won’t have it… so he changes the pizza delivery girl, who attacks Matt, and Jer has to stake her. Jeremy tells he does not like his methods, but Damon confesses to Klaus that he had thought about it (but to not disappoint Elena, he wasn’t willing to do it).


So, Damon is digging a hole to dump the pizza girl’s body in it, and gets a call from Elena, that after telling him that she trust him, proceeds to telling him that she loves him and that she never felt anything like it before… “You can say it’s the sire bond, but it’s the most real thing I’ve felt in my entire life, I love you, Damon. I love you.” (and in this moment there are no words to describe Damon’s face, he’s just so happy…). He then warns her that he will do things… “Look. I’m going get this cure for you. And I’m gonna have to do things you’re not gonna like.”… but then asks her to come over…. “Now, listen carefully. Get in your car, right now. Come to me.” and she tells him  “I’ll be there soon.”

After Bonnie finds the professor alive and well, they talk about the kind of magic she’s been doing, the expression, and he tells her that is either good or bad, but also doesn’t has any limits. Shane also tells her that she is the key and he will protect her.

After School Special

April goes to Liz and Bonnie’s dad and tells them that Shane was behind the explosion of the town council and she wants things to change.

Latter Stefan calls Rebekah over and tells her that Shane isn’t dead after all and that they should help each other, because they don’t have anyone else… Listen, I hate my brother. And you hate yours. But Damon’s got Jeremy. Klaus has the sword. And Shane has Bonnie. You and I are the only ones left with nothing. You said it yourself, right? Whoever finds the cure first gets to decide what to do with it. So what do you say? You want to be partners?”

Klaus fixes the problem (of Jer not killing enough vampires) and turns everyone in a local road pub, so Jeremy can kill all the vampires he wants. Jeremy is mad and tells Damon that they agreed they wouldn’t do it that way… but Damon admits, Klaus’s way is better… =/


1. How annoying is April? Weren’t you just a little sad/mad when Stefan saved her?!

2. How great is Rebekah?! I think she might even be more sadistic than her brother (and that is saying a lot)…

3. So Bonnie gets to the school, finds out that 3 of her closest friends are being held hostages, and all she worries about is professor Shane?! Really????

4. Still judgy Caroline (although she was great with Tyler)…

5. Jeremy should never wear anything else ever again!

After School Special

6. Damon to Jeremy: “I’m updated our relationship status to: It’s Complicated.” (epic)

7. How can Stefan still believe that everything that Elena feels has to do with the sire bond? Wasn’t he there the past few seasons? Wasn’t he the one telling her to take the road trip to sort out her feelings? What doesn’t he get? She is right, he wants to fix her and at least Damon accepted her as is (as he said before, he is fine with her either way)…

8. Shane’s reaction when meeting 2 original vampires… just beautiful! (Although, I don’t like Shane and I really hopes he dies at the end of the season… or earlier… either way…)

9. Has anyone actually asked Elena if she wants the cure?! I know she didn’t want to be a vampire, wanted to grow old and stuff… but has anyone asked?! I’m assuming she wants it bad, but will she?!