Supernatural: Torn and Frayed

This past week Supernatural episode (810) had the boys finally making some decisions and it was just about time!

 Torn and Frayed

We get a lot of guest stars this week: Misha Collins as Castiel, Mark Sheppard as Crowley, Osric Chau as Kevin, Ty Olsson as Benny, Liane Balaban as Amelia, Amanda Tapping as Naomi and Tyler Johnston returns as the angel Samandriel.

So, Samandriel was captured by Crowley who wants to know about the Demon tablet and is able to get a message to Naomi though the “angel radio”. Naomi then summons Castiel and sends him to rescue Samandriel, but of course, it is “his idea”…

Meanwhile, Sam is still in Texas (after his encounter with Amelia in the last episode) and Dean goes to him, however Sam is still pretty mad with his brother (and lets face it… he has good reasons for it) and Dean leaves alone.

Back at Bobby’s cabin, Castiel asks Dean for his help to get Samandriel and in the absence of Sam, they go to the next best thing… Garth! Who isn’t there, but Kevin is (and he ditched his mom because she distracted him), super occupied trying to translate half a tablet. Kevin gives Castiel the list of ingredients for the demon bomb and there he goes…


Benny calls Dean, obviously in need of a friend, but Dean can’t at the moment, but he promises that as soon as he wraps up he’s meeting up with him.

In the meantime in Texas, Amelia shows up at the motel where Sam is and end up sleeping together. After, they agree that in 2 days if they both are there they stay together, but if he goes, he doesn’t come back…


On his way home, Castiel, with all the demon bomb’s ingredients, he stops at Texas (right on the bench were Sam is) and asks for his help… (Dean isn’t really happy about this…)


They all go to the factory where Samandriel is being held and the brothers go up ahead to deactivate the angel blocking things (Castiel gives Sam his angel blade that, now we know, can also kill demons). After a few fights (and Dean saving Sam’s life), they deactivate all the symbols and Castiel is able to enter the factory but is extremely week due to all the writings on the walls (and he stars to get some kind of flashbacks of Naomi messing with his brain)…


So to open the door Dean thinks it a good idea to bump into it… and Sam follows… LOL! They finally get inside, but not before Crowley is able to extract vital information from the angel, about the angel tablet! Crowley disapears, the brothers get the other demon and Castiel takes Samandriel out. By the car, Samandriel says he can’t go back to heaven, because he said to much, he also says that Naomi is controlling them (in this moment Castiel is pushed back to Naomi’s office, who tells him that he has to kill Samandriel, he’s a liability, she also gives him the script to tell the brothers…). And so Castiel does! He kills Samandriel and Sam and Dean get outside just in time to hear the explanation (he was compromised)…


Right after Castiel’s eye bleed and he explains that his vessel must have gotten damaged inside. After he leaves with Samandriel’s body (to return him to the heavens – Naomi wants to know exactly what Cowley got out of him), Dean reinforces to Sam that something isn’t quite right with Cas.

Torn and Frayed

Back at Bobby’s, Dean calls Benny (who is feeding from a human blood bag – and only has one left, so we are left to imagine that things aren’t going to go well) and tells him that he ain’t gonna meet him, this is the end of the line for him (basically he’s choosing his brother). Benny gets it, even though he’s clearly sad about it…

Sam chooses his brother too and does not meet up with Amelia in Texas (although we see that Amelia clearly choose him in spite of her husband). And the episode closes with the 2 brothers eating dinner in front of the TV, and it was about time!


1. I’m gonna miss Benny, although I don’t think his storyline is over just yet!

2. Great to see Kevin, even better because he’s totally neurotic =)

3. I really hope they closed the door on the Amelia thing for good! I love Sam and I enjoy nothing more than to see him happy… and it would be great to see him in a happy relationship. This wasn’t it! They didn’t click! There was nothing good there… just the dog!

4. Always good to see Crowley… shame he didn’t interact with the guys…

5. When will Cas realize what he’s been doing?! I don’t like to see him get used like that…

6. I totally get why everyone still calls Samandriel “Alfie”… it’s hard to write (and say)!

7. Although not a very fun episode, it finally closed a door… the brothers are in it together again and they are all in…

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