Shameless and the American Dream

Lets recap this Sunday’s episode of Shameless – The American Dream (S03E02):


Fiona panics about the thousand dollars she gave away to promote a night on the club. But she stars to plan it, decides to take her own beverages to the club, buys almost $5000 worth of drinks (and “pays” the mob guy with a check without coverage). Her night  in the club goes kind of well, but after she pays everyone and puts away the mob guy’s money, she end up with only $900 (in all this thing she lost money)…

Lip is pissed off with his sister for “gambling” the money away and (after Mandy puts the idea in his head) he tells her that maybe he should step up as the person who controls the doe… He manages to get the money for the property taxes by scamming (“When you’re poor, only way to make money is to steal it or scam it. Like Don King or Joe Kennedy.”).

Jimmy finds out that Beto is on his doorstep (always) and is caught by Beto when trying to steal a car (because Fiona needs money…) and the Brazilian guy breaks his pinkie (weird scene :S). So he skips Fiona’s night pretending to be sick.

Frank got back to his old ways. Showed up drunk at home and Debbie got him a place to sleep (despite all of what her brothers said…). After that, he brings a couple of friends home with him and after some struggles, they find their way to Deb’s room, where one of the guys pisses in the corner, Frank lies in her bed. All the Gallaghers try to get the men out, Frank resists and Debbie (finally) sees her father’s true colors… and comes the scene that totally stole the episode: Debbie gets her bag full of soaps (for protection when shes walking home alone at night) and beats Frank to a pulp while her brothers and sister watch her without knowing what to do! So finally Lip and Ian get Frank and dump him in the garbage, where he belongs… Latter he does the unthinkable… he calls Child Protective Services and reports his own family.


Ian gets to see Mickey, who’s out earlier for overcrowding, and spends his time trying to figure out if Mickey likes him (my guess is that he does… more than he will ever admit it…).

Sheila and Jody
can’t get any rest ’cause the baby won’t stop crying… so they ask Debs to babysit, and while she’s out, she asks Frank’s help to calm the baby (this was before the bag with soaps thing), and Frank slips the kid some vallium, sure enough he goes to sleep… so at the end of the episode, when Frank needs a place to stay, he goes to their house and manages to shut the baby up again (vallium again) and they let him stay to take care of the baby… (“Look at him. He’s like the baby whisperer.” – really? it’s Frank….)

On other news, Kevin’s wife shows up with a kid (that’s probably his) and V asks Fiona to spend the night at her house.

Mandy decides she will do what it takes to get Lip into college…


I liked to see Fiona doing something for herself, but I kind have to agree with Lip: she gambled their money!

How cute was baby Liam calling Jimmy his daddy?!

What’s Mandy still doing at their house?! Her brother is out, why isn’t she back at home?! I like that she wants Lip to have a future and for acknowledging that her only way out is to get pregnant or arrested, but shouldn’t she at least show some respect for the people living in that house, and wear some pants (or panties) once in a while?!

Who else thinks that in this episode, Frank totally crossed the line… twice! Vallium to a baby? Reporting your own family?!

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