Last Criminal Minds, 2 Broke Girls, HIMYM and Cougar Town

I will not make a recap of last weeks Criminal Minds… it was just so so sad! In this episode, Zugzwang (S08E12), Reid discovers that Maeve has been kidnapped and asks the BAU for help to find her. When they find her, he offers himself in trade for her, but shortly after they see each other for the first time, she’s killed when the abductor shoots herself… =(


It was such a sad moment! They declare their love for each other (without actually saying it) and he sees her die! I know that when they decided to give Reid a love story, they agreed that it should be unique and end tragically… but come on… they didn’t even kissed… and he was so happy =(

2 Broke Girls – And Too Little Sleep (S02E14): This week’s episode finds the girls in sleep deprivation and not dealing so well with that. In other news, Max keeps communicating with Andy (sending pics of cute animal friendships) and Caroline kind of freaks out, which leads to Max and Andy’s “breakup” (which I have to say, I fund even more sad than the real breakup last week… I just loved their friendship…).


OOOOhhhhh, I’m really gonna miss Max’s and Andy’s talks! =(


HIMYM – Ring Up! (S08E14): Ted gets a much younger girlfriend, with whom he can’t actually relate, and Barney (wanting to live vicariously through him) begs him to sleep with the girl, which eventually he does (because she likes Star Wars… but just the last 3! “close enough!”). Afterwards Barney finds out that the younger girl is actually his baby half-sister and gets mad at his best bro, even tries to get them married, but then they realize that Barney detoxed from the one night stands ;-). Meanwhile, Robin realizes that the engagement ring makes her invisible to other men (like the ring in TLOTR or the cloak from Harry Potter – references she doesn’t quite get!), but after she realizes she has to start paying for drinks, food or rent, she realizes that it is all worth it (cause she has Barney) and that she still can get what she wants (by asking him!). Lilly and Marshall live up her sexual fantasies…

Ring Up


Cougar Town –  Between Two Worlds (S04E03): There is a great review of last night’s episode here:,90904/, it’s worth reading! But basically, Bobby is afraid that he is all he’s ever gonna be, so he tries to reinvent himself by becoming Ron Mexico, a guy everyone one wants to party with… (“I peaked in college, I drive a golf cart instead of a car, and I live on a crusty boat that’s so full of spiders, it’s like a spider nursery. Oh, also? My wife divorced me and ended up marrying one of my best friends! You know, sometimes, late at night, after I’ve killed the day’s spiders, I lie in bed wondering if I’ll ever be more than I already am.”). Jules is afraid her marriage has no passion because Grayson does everything she wants. And Laurie, while waiting to hear from Wade, tries to find out Travis superpower, because everyone has one: Jules can solve any problem during sex, Ellie can start a fight between any two people, Andy can find anything, Stan has crazy toddler strength, Bobby can bestow the perfect nickname to anyone and Grayson is a master at impersonation. Laurie soon realizes what we all have known for long… Travis superpower is that he his selfless (“Selfless Man”), he puts everyone’s needs in front of his own! (the boy is crazy for Laurie, when will she wake up?!)… (Still not over last week, when Jules comments on Game of Thrones, such as “I let my son and his girlfriend (not Laurie) watch porn” or “This show has so much butt sex!”) »»» I will be so sad at the end of this year!