Movie of the week: Silver Linings Playbook



I love going to the movies… back ate home I used to go every week, but since coming to Barcelona, I find it harder to go to the cinema: here, virtually every theater doubles the movies, there are only a handful of theaters that show the original version; then the ticket prices are really high and finally, there are no sweet popcorn! But I really (really) wanted to see this movie and as it opened last Friday  today was the day! And I’m so glad I went (even if I had to endure Spanish subtitles and salt popcorn)!

SilverLiningsPlaybk900So the movie revolves around 2 people (Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence) that had the worst possible things happening to them and their inability to deal with that. Pat (Bradley Cooper) caught his wife having sex in the shower with a co-worker while listening to their wedding music, almost beats the guy to death and ends up spending 8 months in a mental institution. While in there he changes his way to look at life, in order to get back his wife. Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), on her hand, lost her husband, he was run down while out to buy her a gift. Both of them are really messed up and end up helping each other.

In the middle of all the craziness, there’s Pat’s dad (Robert De Niro), who thinks that he’s son actually causes their football team results, Pat’s best friend (John Ortiz) and his wife and Tiffany’s sister (Julia Stiles) that have a very strange marriage.

Amazing movie! Lot’s of layers… great to see them dancing, they have great chemistry, and amazing that the movie makes you cry as well as laugh! AMAZING!!!

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