Friends: The one where everybody finds out

All seasons of Friends are great, but some are definitely better… My favorite season is without a doubt season 5, mainly because of the whole Monica/Chandler secret love affair thing. Through the first part of the season they’re in a secret relationship…


Joey is the first to find out after the couple go away together for the weekend, but promises to keep it a secret.

Then Rachel finds out in episode 11, ’cause she catches them on the phone planning to meet latter, but after hearing Monica and Chandler talk about how they are not ready yet to tell people, she pretends not to know anything.

But then comes the moment where “everybody” finds out! So Ross decides to move into naked guy’s apartment and when they’re checking out the place, Phoebe catches Monica and Chandler doing it…

Then instead of telling them that they know (much to Joey’s dismay), Phoebe and Rachel decide to have some fun with with! So when they say they’re doing laundry, the girls actually give them laundry (and quarters) to do… but the funniest thing is that Phoebe decides to throw herself at Chandler…

… it leads to Chandler finally admitting that he is in love with Monica (although he had said it before on the episode of Thanksgiving) and to her saying it back! Beautiful moment!!!

Later, at his new house, and with his boss at his site, Ross catches the 2nd part of the “act” by the window (by now they should know better…) and, with all his anger management problems, he doesn’t take it so well…

Amazing episode! Amazing season… and they are so cute together!!!

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