Shameless recap: May I Trim Your Hedges?

For the past couple of weeks the only thing I watched was the 10 seasons of Friends, so I got behind in all of my favorite shows… way behind! So, just a few notes on Shameless from last week…


Shameless (S03E03) – May I Trim Your Hedges? – Holy S**t!!! This episode is basically about betrayal and cheating… and a sex offender (actually more than one… but we’ll just focus on the woman…)…

Kevin’s ex wife shows up and tells him the kid is his, so V thinks he’s gonna leave her (off course he’s not! they’re just one of the best couples on tv…) and turns out the kid isn’t even hers, let alone his. So V kicks her ass, makes her sigh the divorce papers and sends her packing!


After Debs witness a pervert on the bus, her brothers decide to go look for the sex offender living on their block (while Mandy – finally does something right – and teaches her how to defend herself), but it turns out the offender is a teacher who had sex with her student, and while Ian thinks it’s ok (because it’s basically the same thing he had with Kash), Lip is determined to prove that she’s a pedophile, so he goes to her house (pretending to be 15, nearly 16) and offers to trim her hedges, then asks a drink and a PJ sandwich, and he’s in… she trows herself at him and after he takes a picture for the cops… he ends up having sex with her! Things don’t go so well when she decides to make him smooth like a baby, because then Mandy finds out (and if she thinks watching porn without her is cheating… this is way off!)! So Mandy goes to her house and gives her an option: she goes away immediately  or the grave her brothers are digging is going to be hers! The teacher leaves, but it’s a perfectly good grave, why waste it?!


Fiona manages to get a job at the supermarket, after blackmailing the manager (because he only wanted to give her the job if she went down on him, so she send V as bait and videotapes the whole thing). She gets the job, and working only days!


Jimmy (poor guy) goes with his wife (Estefania) and Beto to take pictures for the INS, but she ends up overly-excited (with her boyfriend dead and all) and grabs his hand and… he doesn’t have any choice in the matter… when he gets home however, Fiona tells him that she trusts him, and that for her, trust is bigger than love… (wow… he’s in big big trouble!).

Frank, after hearing about an institution that gives stuff to kids with cancer (and not with down syndrome…), decides to enlist Carl as a cancer child, and even tells his son he’s going to die and makes him shave his head. However the institution doesn’t have anymore football prizes and the only thing they got is a summer camp, to which Carl get super excited (and Frank not!).

Episode 303

After Mickey goes and has sex with some woman, Ian gets clearly jealous, so when Lloyd comes by the store, Ian agrees to go out with him, which makes Mickey clearly very jealous… they go out and when they’re leaving the bar, Mickey attacks Lloyd, then Ian immobilizes Mickey, and then the two end up running away from the police and having fun while doing it… (but Ian apologizes to Lloyd for having to leave and tells him that he will call…)

Episode 303

And Debs, after being traumatizes by the spectacle on the bus, ends up having a nice afternoon with Kevin’s supposed son Kyle, and has her first kiss!!!

Just a note: Does everybody in that house sleep naked and with the doors open?! They do know they’re minors living there, right?!