Recap of this week’s sitcoms

The Big Bang Theory (S06E15) – The Spoiler Alert Segmentation: What a great episode! Leonard and Sheldon have a fight, which leads to Leonard moving in with Penny and Amy wanting to move in with Sheldon (and neither Penny or Sheldon are ready for that)! On another hand, Raj finds himself being the new “Howard” in Mrs. Wolowitz life.


Notes: I fund it highly unlikely that Leonard wouldn’t have read the Harry Potter books until now! – Although it was extremely funny to hear them tell him the spoilers, like Sheldon telling him that Dumbledore dies at the end or Penny telling him that Ron is okay with the Harry/Ginny thing (more funny because Kaley Cuoco is really a fan of the HP series). For the Walking Dead thing… I think that could happen… being behind on some episodes is not a big deal! Raj storyline was so funny, but I was a little disappointed to actually get a glimpse at Mrs. Wolowitz…

Community (S04E01) – History 101: Oh Yeah!!! Community is back!!! And to be honest, contrary to what most of the fans thought, I did not thought there was a difference between the during and post-Dan Harmon eras. So it’s the last first day of college for the group study and not everyone is dealing so well: Abed retreats to a happy place in his mind (where they have their own show – and then in his mind he retreats yet to another world where they are cartoon babies!!!); Britta and Troy deal with their relationship, that’s moving slower than a turtle; Shirley and Annie decide to do some pranks, because Annie is not really ready to a world without college and the group; and Jeff reveals that he’s only short of the history credits to graduate and enters the “Hunger Deans” to get access to the only history class in the semester.

Community 4.01 - History 101.mkv_snapshot_02.12_[2013.02.08_16.20.07]

Notes: The Dean is something amazing! From the Leo DiCaprio’s aviator outfit, to the sexy dresses and that tango with Jeff!!! And then, he moves next door to Jeff?! Amazing!!! In “Abed’s Happy Community College Show” Fred Willard plays Pierce, how great was that flip?! I loved this episode and how I missed Community!!!!

How I Met Your Mother (S08E15) – P.S. I Love You: It’s Robin Sparkles again people!!! And this time she changes her name to Robin Daggers after becoming obsessed with a guy back in the days she was a Canadian pop star. Upon finding this Barney travels to Canada in order to uncover who was the object of Robin’s obsession, where he finds the existence of a video (like VH1’s “Behind the Music”) about Robin’s downfall as a pop singer. Meanwhile, Ted meets a girl only to find that she’s been stalking him for more than a year, and still he makes another big mistake (although, he does say it’s the last one before he meets the mom).


Notes: One of the best episodes of the season! Great assemble of guest Canadian stars (playing themselves) commenting the video of Robin’s downfall. Genius!

2 Broke Girls (S02E15) – And the Psychic Shakedown: Caroline learns that Candy Andy is no more, he just packed up in the middle of the night and left (i’m so sad about this!), so she consults a psychic to learn about her future, but she tells Caroline that she won’t ever find love, but will find success instead, Max on the other hand will be happy with a husband and kids! – I have to say, I wished I cared more about Caroline, but I actually think that she will end up alone =/ .


Cougar Town (S04E05) – Runnin’ Down a Dream: Jules contemplates finding another career, because she’s not happy with her business. Meanwhile Bobby set’s up a trailer, Bobby’s Burgers, where he sells burgers that he bought for a $1 for 4 times it’s price, and Ellie helps him by being a bitch to the clients (that love her). Travis and Laurie think of themselves as artists and love their jobs, so Andy seeks prove that anyone can do what they do. – Great episode, I laughed so hard when Grayson starts to rub his temples… LOL


Suburgatory (last few episodes): Tessa is going out with Ryan Shay!!!! And that’s basically it, the last episodes were a lot of fun, with Tessa dealing with being a football girlfriend, and Lisa thinking she’s never gonna find love again, and Dallas finding out her house is actually in East Chastwin, …, but the only thing that actually matters is: Tessa and Ryan! WOW!


New Girl (last few episodes): Like Suburgatory, little else matters besides the fact that Jess and Nick kissed! And man, what a kiss! That lead to Sam breaking up with Jess and the two friends not actually knowing how to deal with each other. And another good news: Cece and Schmidt slept together, after he “defended” her in a room full of indian guys… I just hope they don’t break them apart again (not soon at least!).

Happy Endings (last few episodes): So now Penny and Pete are engaged! Wasn’t it a little bit fast?! I absolutely love Nick Zano in the show (although I still secretly hope that he will head back to 2 broke girls and ends up with Max) but I think the whole relationship and engagement just happened too fast and is too one sided, so I hope the wedding doesn’t happen…



Notes: I like Happy Endings a lot, I’m just bummed that Don’t trust the b* in apt 23 was taken off the air!

Raising Hope (last few episodes): Always funny, but the only thing worth mentioning is that Sabrina and Jimmy got married on a Modern Family type episode! Congratulations, it was about time! And by the way, the serial killer mom is not actually dead!