Original Rebekah, Endings bumped, Ron returns, SPN TVD Arrow renewed

First of, congratulations to Miss Claire Holt, who finally joined the Vampire Diaries (potential) spin-off, The Originals. Claire will reprise her role as Rebekah, along side with Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Daniel Gillies (Elijah). The news came in a week full of speculation about who will die in TVD before the mid-winter hiatus. With Rebekah out of the way and after reading what Joseph Morgan had to say to TVline, I’m under  the impression that the fatality is going to be Tyler, which makes me super sad and I really hope it isn’t him (kill April instead!).

Rebekah joining the spin-off also shatters the hopes and dreams of the STEBEKAH shippers and it’s too bad! I actually like those 2 kids together! And by the way, KLAROLINE fans must be quite upset 2! =/

It also means that TVD is on the verge of losing yet another great character… Alaric dead, Kol dead (i really liked Kol and I felt they underdeveloped the character .. he could have been so much more!), Finn dead (that’s not too bad, but it means Sage is also dead!)… with Elijah, Klaus and Beks out of the way, Mystic Falls is running out of interesting people…



On other news, Happy Endings was bumped to Fridays, what we all know, is where the shows go to die (only CW manages to escape this reality, with shows like Smallville and Supernatural pulling good numbers on Fridays)! At least they’re allowing it to end it’s run, contrary to what happened to Don’t trust the B* in apt 23 which was just pulled off the air! Still, this isn’t good news for the show and I get the felling it won’t be coming back next fall…


For all those that are HUGE Harry Potter fan’s, like me, great news! My favorite wizard (and no, not Harry Potter… I really really like Ron!) might just be back in the fall (or winter/spring)! Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley) just landed the lead in a CBS comedy pilot, named Super Clyde, according to TVline. Now we just have to wait to see if the show is picked up and if so, when will it air…

I follow the scoops on the pilot season rather closely, because I want to know which of my favorite actor will be back to work. But this news really made my day! I love Rupert, I think the boy knows what he’s doing and I’m thrilled at the possibility to watch him do comedy on TV! (And because it’s Valentine’s Day, Ron and Hermione are one of the best couples ever!)


And finally, CW has announced this week the early renewal of three of their shows: Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Congratulations to everyone involved on these shows!


I was particularly happy about Supernatural‘s 9th season! It’s great to see that my favorite TV brothers are still going strong after 8 years. And somehow, I hope that next season will see a little bit more of Castiel!

Speaking of which, have you read Misha‘s post on the subject?! (is he amazing or what?!)

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