Castle: save Alexis!

This week Castle (S05E15 – Target) was absolutely heartbreaking! It’s OK to cry at the climax of a TVshow episode, aka, the end, but when you start crying in the first 15 minutes, it’s bad!!!


The team starts to investigate a murder, that leads them to finding out that a daughter of a Middle Eastern businessman was kidnapped and that Alexis was taken along with her!

With the FBI called in, everybody does their best to find the girls, while a devastated Castle struggles to keep at float. Kate does what she can, that is not much more than to hug her man, while Castle warns her that Gates will see them, she simply responds “I don’t care.”. This leads Gates to tell Beckett “You do whatever you need to do to get him back his little girl. Anything you need detective.”.

At home Castle waits for some call while the team narrows down the path of the kidnapping van to a 20 block radius, and when Kate tries to tell him that they will find her, Castle cut her of “Don’t… promise me you’ll find her unless you can do it. Because I’ll never forgive you, anymore than I’d ever forgive myself.”.


They eventually find the van and Rick can’t control himself and goes to the site, only to find out that the vehicle is full of blood and he starts to lose it. Lanie preforms a quick test to determine the blood type and it doesn’t match either Alexis or Sara. It’s the driver’s blood. They find him at his sister’s house and Castle gets out of him the location of where they are keeping them (“I appealed to his humanity” “I didn’t think you had that side to you.” “When it comes to the people I love, I do.” ). Castle tells Beckett what he felt when Alexis was born… “I knew my life had changed forever… and now it’s about to change again.”

The FBI raids the farm, only to find it empty and the guy who actually did the kidnapping shot and tortured. At this point they are out of leads!


Meanwhile the girls wake up to find themselves in a room with no windows, with a bathroom and a door. They are giving them clothes and food, so they want them alive. While Sara panics, Alexis is quick to try to figure out where they are: they are not in a basement and they are not in NY! A strong Alexis decides they must make a run for it and she picks the lock on the door with bobby pins (thing that she practice when she was 10 when her dad was doing research for a book… he even bought a door to practice!), and on the hallway instructs Sara to take another route because that will double the chances of one of them making it. She finds a phone in an office but can’t dial 911, so she very quickly skypes her dad but has to leave the phone when she hears a noise. With the skype call still on, she runs to the roof of the building…


In NY the tracing team is done, but they think it’s impossible…

Alexis thinks so too, as she stumbles to the vision a the Eiffel tower just before she’s taken again…

Alexis is in Paris! (Continue next week…)



Nathan Fillion blew me away in this episode. He’s an amazing actor, but the pain in his face… man! I cried everytime he did… which made eating my dinner a little bit hard…

Alexis (Molly Quinn) was amazing! Exactly how I would imagine her to react to such situation… Martha was right! Alexis is utterly amazing!

Molly Quinn is as amazing as her Alexis! Just look at that face…