Bones: when the secondary characters are the most interesting!

Bones has been around for 8 years now and at some point the main couple, Booth and Brennan were bound to become a little less interesting, because we’ve been exploring them for 8 years now. But the truth is, what do we actually know about them?


We know a lot about Brennan by now and when she got pregnant with Christine, we actually saw her change a little, become a little more mellow, and that was good, because after 6 ½ years of being so calculated and a little bit cold, I wanted to see a more “normal” Bones. But then, along the way of progression, comes an episode where she totally regresses to what she was!

She and Booth moved in together, started to raise a child together, and although they are still the same, their characters lost something! Probably because they “got together” for all the wrong reasons, but something definitely feels wrong about their relationship. I want them together, sure, it was bound to happen from season 1, but maybe it happened just a little too fast and, for me ate least, they lost something along the way (and no, I’m not talking about the Moonlight curse!). I actually loved season 7, my problem rose in the middle of season 8 1st midseason (around episode 6 or 7).

For me the problem is that I find the secondary characters (including the recurring guest stars) a lot more interesting that the main 2! And another problem, especially this season, is that they are not developing these characters properly!


Let’s for instance look at last week’s episode. How long it had been since we saw Michelle? It was good to know that Michelle and Finn were still together, because it hadn’t been mentioned in a while… also, Cam and Vaziri… wouldn’t it be nice to actually see them together once in a while?


Hodgins and Angela’s life has been explored a lot, I’ll give them that.

Sweets, when he was with Daisy, was explored too. But now? He went on actual dates with the FBI agent, Olivia? When? Considering that when they met he was still with Daisy, when did these things happen? And isn’t it time to explore his past efficiently, instead of mentioning for several seasons now and never getting anywhere? He’s one of the most interesting people in the team. And also, please move him out of Booth and Brennan’s house!

Cam has so much in her life that we want to know, and we have what? Three episodes in one season that actually are a bit about her?



And let’s talk about the squinterns: Clark Edison, Daisy Wick, Finn Abernathy, Arastoo Vaziri, Wendell Bray, Colin Fisher.

bones_7aky14_2500_640x360_7546435926 (1)

Clark is the only one with a PhD and has been around the longest (season 3-8), with a total of 20 episodes. I feel that Clark has been fairly well explored in the past, back when they actually did some exploring the characters… although, now we know almost nothing about him, except that he works full time in the Jeffersonian in the Anthropology department. But he was really funny once, and now? His last appearance was bleak! No funny remarks of how he didn’t want to know people’s personal lives, no over-sharing, no nothing!

Daisy, even dating Sweets, only appeared in 16 episodes so far (season 4-8). She was always entertaining, but I think it’s time for her retirement. Now that she and Sweets are definitely over, I feel her time in the team is done…

Colin is always fun to have around, but he goes long periods without showing up =/. He has a total of 11 episodes (season 4-8), but has seasons with only 1 appearance. I feel that the last episode that his nature was truly shown was when he, Hodgins and Sweets go to the Avatar premiere (a long long time ago)…

Wendell is the squintern with more onscreen time, with a total of 24 episodes (season 4-8), and he had his glory days, when he was well used… he had a relationship with Angela, his a great friend to Hodgins, and he’s the only one who’s personal life is mentioned at least once in a while. But he’s one of the most beloved squinterns and I feel they could do so much more with him!

Finn was the last squintern to join the group, to replace Vincent Nigel-Murray, and has appeared in 6 episodes so far (season 7 and 8). He has a complicated back story, he’s super young, sweet and he’s dating Michelle (Cam’s daughter). The last time they were seen together (prior to last week’s episode) was the actual episode where they met and started dating, “The Bump in the Road”. Shouldn’t he at least be mention more often?!

Arastoo has appears in 12 episodes so far (season 4-8) and had a great beginning, with the fake accent thing, then there was the constant prayer thing, and then he changed fields but ended up coming back… This season he had two shining moments: the first was the episode about 9/11, and then there was the moment when we realize that he is dating Cam. But doesn’t that story have so much that can be explored? Since we found out that they are dating, he hasn’t shown up again (we do know they are still dating because last week Cam told so to Michelle…). I for once would love to know how that relationship came to be!



I like all the squinterns, and I find myself watching the show every week so that I can see which one is there this week and what amazing story is going to be played out by them. However, there are a lot of them… and none of them has been well used story wise. So, why are they adding another one? (the new intern starts tomorrow, Dr. Oliver)

I get that each one of them as a different relationship with Brennan and this new one will have a different one. But shouldn’t they pick better from the ones they already have? And shouldn’t they use them better? To this day we only had two episodes when all (or most) of the squinterns came together: one was a hallucination and another was the one about 9/11… Couldn’t they mix and match a little more?