The most shameless Shameless ever

Last night’s Shameless episode (Cascading Failures S03E06) had, in my opinion, 3 of the most shameless moments ever on the show. The plot is quite simple: the kids are taken away, Liam and Carl go to a gay couple who intend to adopt Liam, Debbie goes to a house already full of kids, where they all work, and Lip and Ian go to a group home for delinquents; Fiona needs Frank to get the kids back, who along with Sheila (posing as Monica) takes parenting classes; all the while Veronica and Kevin are still on the baby mission that now involves her mother as a surrogate.

Snapshot 4 (25-02-2013 21-57)

All the episode is filled with little shameless moments as always, like Carl stealing from the foster parents, or the woman who’s fostering Debbie ordering a kid to clip her toenails, or Lip getting Mandy inside the group home for a conjugal visit and basically every scene about the baby making with V, Kev and mom. But there were 3 moments last night that truly took my breath away.


Frank stores pee in his mouth


In the whole “get the kids back” thing, Frank has to stay clean, but it proves a little difficult, so he pees before he takes more drugs. Because he will be examined before actually going to pee, he gets creative… and GOD, it’s disgusting!


Ian is forced to watch Mickey have sex with a prostitute


Ian sneaks out of the group home for a sleep over at Mickey’s. They watch action movies, laugh, eat (Mickey with oven mitts was amazing), drink, and for a moment there, they actually look like a happy couple. In the morning however, they are caught in a more intimate moment by Mickey’s father, that beats the crap out of Ian, then beats Mickey, while aiming a gun at Ian, and the he calls a prostitute to have sex with his son to “f**k the f****t out” of him, making Ian watch. The pain in Ian’s face was quite palpable, as well as the pain in Mickey’s mangled face, before he decides to get it over with… (I actually like these 2 together and this scene was brutal for me to watch!)


V makes Kev and her mom f*** that leads to a weird threesome


I thought last week’s idea of the “insemination” was pretty bad, but this week was way way shameless. Because the first planned didn’t work (because her mom always vomits the morning after she gets knocked up), V decides it’s time for a more traditional method of baby making. So, she talks her husband and her mother to conceive a child, the old fashion way! They start with her mom covered with a sheet with a hole in it, so Kev doesn’t actually has to see her, then they try again, without the sheet and Kev can’t do it, so V’s mom starts to cry, so V decides the best way is to warm up her man and have her mother come in on the last minute, but that doesn’t work that well either. So V decides it has to happen and that’s it, so she lays Kevin down, sits on his face and tells her mother to ride him. Weirdest, most strange moment yet for these adorable characters…