Oz: the (not so) Great and (not so) Powerful

I’ve been in Portugal for a week now and I haven’t got around to go to the movies yet, so today was the day!


So I convinced a friend of mine to accompany me to go and see Oz: The Great and Powerful and I have to say that I’m still not sure exactly how I feel about this movie. I usually love this kind of fantasy films, but on this one, I don’t know if even all the fantasy it has saves it…

I confess that of all the main actors, I was curious to watch the movie mainly for Mila Kunis and Zack Braff, because I don’t know why, but I don’t really like James Franco and I don’t really see Michelle Williams as Glinda (something was so off!), and Rachel Weisz … I don’t know… maybe she’s just too good for her role… who knows… and in the end, Zack Braff as Finley and Joey King as the China Girl, whom only provide voices to their characters, totally steal the movie.

Mila does a good job playing Theodora/The Wiked Witch of the West, but I thought something was off with her characterization, maybe green is just not her color .. Rachel Weisz is great as Evanora, but Evanora is despicable  so no way to like her. Michelle Williams as Glinda, I just don’t see it, sorry, I don’t think that Michelle’s beauty is that kind of beauty… sorry! And James Franco… oh well, sure he has his moments, but how bad is it that my favorite James’ moments were the ones in black and white?!

I liked some visual effects, others I thought they were a bit much! The clothes were awesome, true that. The story?! Hhhhuuuummmm, well, tricks can be as much good as any witch or wizard, ok… but I just don’t know… I did not like it, but I also didn’t hate it… I’m so confused!!!

How about you? Did you liked it?!

Great news for Cougar Town: season 5 is happening!

I’m so so happy!!! I thought that Cougar Town wasn’t getting it’s 5th season and I’m so glad I was wrong…


TBS announced today that the show is getting it’s 5th season, consisting of 13 episodes, airing in 2014 (source: TVline).

Great news for all Cougar Town fans =) =) =)