The Phantom of the Opera @Broadway


That was a lucky Thursday… I wanted to book the show that me and my mom were going to see in New York in advance, but she preferred to wait and to book through the concierge in the hotel lobby. Having seen a few shows herself, it was harder to pick, but we had kind of agreed on The Book of Mormon or Newsies, because she thought she had already seen the Phantom in a previous trip to New York!

So we get there to book a show and the prices for tBoM were sky high, something around $300 per person, and so he suggested Cinderella which was around the same price as the Phantom, so I begged her to go and see the PotO and she obliged and it turned out she had only seen the movie… 😉

I LOVED IT!!! I even shed a tear at the beginning! I’ve been wanting to see the show forever, ever since I first saw the movie (and I even read the book). The cast was amazing, specially Hugh Panaro as the Phantom, Michele McConnell as Carlotta and Marni Raab as Christine.

Amazing show! AMAZING! From the chandelier going up, to coming down, to the boat and fog scenes, totally spectacular!

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