Why Tenth is my Doctor!

I’ve read so many times that the first Doctor you see is going to be your favorite… And I guess it might be true, but not in my case (and I guess, not in many cases, given the Tennant’s fever!). The first Doctor I saw was Matt Smith, when I caught a random episode of Doctor Who on TV and then I watched the first season with Christopher Eccleston and truth be told, he was an amazing Doctor, but way to heavy and a bit dark, sure he had his funny bits, but not hardly enough to compensate the other stuff…


Then along came David Tennant’s amazing Tenth Doctor, and WOW! He manages to be funny and serious, young and extremely old, so wise and so clueless, with so much and so little… he has everything and loses so much… and he manages to go through all this range with such ease and brilliancy! He’s the Doctor that loses and has to let go of his love, Rose, and see her stay with his human clone; he screws up Martha’s live and her family’s; he has to erase all of Donna’s memories and in the process he loses his best friend. He makes us laugh out loud so many times and no episodes are sadder than the ones he cries in (and there’re so many).

And his smile! OMG, he smiles and you just have to smile with him…



His catchphrases are just my favorites:


The amazing way he says “Well”, you just know something amazing is about to come…


“What? What? What?”

Come on… how adorable is that “what”?!


“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”




“Rose Tyler” and “Martha Jones” and “Donna Noble”…

there’s just something special about the way he says their names, with such love and affection…



Because no matter how many Doctors come along, or how many companions they have, this is probably still the saddest episode of all: when the Doctor loses Rose!


“I bet you’re gonna have a really great year”

After he says his goodbyes to the ones who will remember him, the Doctor goes to see Rose, before they even met… and it’s heartbreaking…


“I don’t want to go”

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