British man taking over Hollywood

The last few years we have seen the rise of British actors! Being cast in high profile movie roles, such as Batman, Superman or Charles Xavier, do these British man represent the perfect “American Man”, with the bonus of the sexiest accent ever?!

 Shall we see some examples?!

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spiderman

If you had never seen Andrew in anything before, or seen his IMDB profile, or searched him anywhere else on the web, you might never know that Andrew is in fact very English, even though he was born in the USA! I honestly had to go to YouTube and watch an interview to actually listen and absorb his amazing British accent…



Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman

Henry Cavill is the most recent Clark Kent and he truly is Super(man)! He’s amazing! He becomes even more amazing when you actually watch an interview or any other movie he’s done and you can truly hear his accent…



Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman

The first British actor to be cast as a superhero was Christian Bale. He gave life to the latest interpretation of the Dark Knight in the movies directed by Christopher Nolan.



Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark

The first Stark to deal with Marvel’s Avengers and founder of Stark industries was none other than Dominic Cooper, a very hot and talented British actor, that can also sing… have you seen Mamma Mia!?!



Tom Hiddleston as Loki

He’s amazing playing the very bad and somehow very hot Loki, brother of Thor! A true example of a fine British man, that even dresses up as the T.A.R.D.I.S. (bonus points for the DW reference)!!!



Tom Hardy as Bane

Tom Hardy was yet another British actor to grab the opportunity of playing a super villain in a comic book based movie, as he took on the role of Bane in the latest Batman movie. I personally am not a fan of Tom Hardy, but I did like his Bane.



Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan

There I was watching Star Trek: Into Darkness, and along comes Sherlock Holmes, in the form of the villain Khan, in all of Benedict’s glory, with the amazing voice tone and accent to match! What an amazing actor!



Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

Speaking of Sherlock, his buddy Watson landed a major role as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit’s trilogy! (In which Benedict also stars as the Necromancer)



James McAvoy & Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X

These two amazing actors play the same character, Charles Xavier. Patrick Stewart played the Professor on the first trilogy and is set to make an appearance in the upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. James McAvoy is a brilliant young actor that played the Professor in X-Men: First Class  and will be appearing also in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. Both actors very British!!!



Ian McKellen as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto and Gandalf

Before Michael Fassbender who is German, took over the role of Magneto in X-Men: First Class, Sir Ian McKellen played the German super villain for a total of 3 movies (next year comes out another one). He also stars in the high profile trilogy of the The Hobbit.



Orlando Bloom as Legolas and Will Turner and …

Orlando Bloom has been around for long now and it’s clear for everyone what a great actor he is… He is also from Kent, England, UK! Since he first stared in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as the elf Legolas, he hasn’t stopped… The Lord of the RingsPirates of the CaribbeanTroyKingdom of HeavenThe Three Musketeers 



Luke Evans as Aramis and Zeus

In the same year Luke stared as Aramis in The Three Musketeers and as Zeus in Immortals, then more recently we can see him in Fast & Furious 6



Eddie Redmayne as Marius Pontmercy

This British hottie has been an accomplished star in the US for years, but it was his role in the high gross movie Les Misérables that put him in the spotlight, alongside with his amazing voice!



Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

One of the first actors of his generation to catch a really high profile role playing an American character and hiding his accent in the process. Whether you love or hate Twilight, or even if you seriously doubt Robert’s ability to act, there’s no question that he was fundamental in the change of how the rest of the world perceive British hot young guys. He scores some points for being a DW fan =).


Supernatural: Bobby will be back!

One of the best news I’ve heard in a while!

As TVLine reports – the news given by Jim Beaver himself on twitter – Bobby will be back for Supernatural’s 9th season!


SO SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! God, I miss Bobby!

Psyched about Psych


USA’s Psych is freaking amazing!!!

Basically it is the story about a guy that his super observer and manages to start working with the police by claiming that he’s a psychic, and then together with his best friend, they open a PI / psychic agency.

They solve cases with the police constantly! James Roday plays Shawn Spencer, the psychic, and Dulé Hill his BFF Gus; Timothy Omundson plays the hard cop Lassiter, that doesn’t believe Shawn and Maggie Lawson plays his partner Juliet, who’s more willing to believe the guys. Kirsten Nelson is the police chief and Corbin Bernsen plays Henry Spencer, Shawn’s dad, that taught him all of his observer and deducing habilities.

Great TV show!!! =D

Man of Steel… Super?!

I’ve been a Superman fan for long… though I don’t read the comics, I’ve always kind of knew what was going on, watched all the movies (though I must admit I don’t remember the classics that well) and watched all of the TV-shows based on the Man of Steel.

So a new Superman movie, directed by Zack Snyder, GOOD!!! When I first heard about the casting I was a bit skeptical… I’ve just finishing watching 10 years of Smallville with Tom Welling and imagining another Clark was a bit hard, but then I saw Henry Cavill in Immortals and that convinced me that he could make a good Clark Kent… and indeed he did! Other casting though, did not have the same effect…



So lets start with the casting…

Henry Cavill was a magnificent choice for the new and improved Kal-El. He’s gorgeous and amazing, and you can see the pain and fierceness in his expressions. So, all and all, great move! (have you noticed how British actors are taking over typically american superheroes roles?!)

Russell Crowe‘s Jor-El was out of this world! He’s good, he fights, he jumps to the thin air, he rides a big animal thingy, he goes underwater to recover a Austrolopithecus skull, he saves his son, at least twice, he helps Lois and he may possibly be one of the one man in Krypton to have sex (considering how the babies were made up there)! I was never a big fan of Jor-El, but Crowe made me love him!


Amy Adams as Lois Lane is a big NO for me! Though I liked her better as the movie progressed, for me she’s not Lois, not for a bit! She’s too old for him, she’s not brunette, she doesn’t have the spunk and determination that Lois has to have! Maybe she’s the Lois that this Clark needs, but she’s changed too much! Lois has to have a spark about her, she has to be witty and funny and be able to kick any man’s ass! If you compare her to Erica DuranceTeri Hatcher or Margot Kidder, her Lois doesn’t even compare…

Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Martha and Jonathan Kent… well… NO! I liked Lane’s Martha on her first appearance onscreen, telling the very young Clark to concentrate on her voice and so on… and from then on, I did not like her, I don’t know if it’s because she kind of looks like she could be Kristin Kreuk‘s mother, I honestly don’t know. She’s a great actress, she’s just not my Martha. And Kevin Costner… well, I always liked him, but he kind of made dislike such a beloved character for me that is Jonathan Kent, I found believable that he truly loved his son and everything, but I felt that some of his lines were just wrong… like “should I let them all die?” “maybe you should!”… well, that was it for me, I know this is a darker movie and all, but hearing those words coming out of Jonathan’s mouth just felt wrong!

Michael Shannon as Zod was magnificent. He played well a man that would do anything for his people and that without that, he would be lost. Great casting choice, I just did not like that beard!


Laurence Fishburne as Perry White… somehow… NO! Maybe the next movies will change my opinion on that…

Harry Lennix as General Swanwick, nice as always, I absolutely love him. Christopher Meloni as Colonel Nathan Hardy was brilliant, as Chris usually is, great to see him out of his suit. Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton, I guess he served his purpose right, although, I found him a bit forgetful. Antje Traue as Faora-Ul was freaking amazing, she really kicked some ass…


Alessandro Juliani as an officer… well, it was just amazing to see him there! For those how don’t know, Alessandro played Dr. Emil Hamilton in Smallville 😉


The plot

The movie starts with the birth of Kal-El, in Krypton. Here we see a much more organic Krypton than we’re used to: there are big dinosaurs like animals all around the planet, but there are also big and technological advanced constructions, maybe much more so than any other portrait of the planet… they have big liquid metal scanners that are also communication devices, and are so so cool… All and all it’s an amazing Krypton, but wait… where are the crystals?! We all know, Kryptonian technology was based on crystals, right?! Not here! Apparently not in this version of Krypton…

Clark is then seen roaming around the world, doing all sort of jobs, such as working on a fishing boat or serving tabled and saving people with his abilities… is on one of these jobs that he finds a ship from his planet and has the first interaction with his people, in the form of his father conscience, it’s also the first time he sees and saves Lois… which leads her to pursue his story and eventually finding out who he is: Clark Kent, the alien. She decides to protect his secret… although they only met twice… I guess here is where I have the first problem with this Clark/Lois storyline… she meets him knowing already who he is, so, this leaves no space for the beloved love triangle between 2 people that is such a trademark of this superhero story… they meet and fall for each other and they know exactly who each other is, so we won’t ever see Clark pinning over the fact that Lois is in love with his alter ego, or Lois trying to figure out who it is that she truly loves, Clark or Superman?!


After this the Kryptonians that survived (phantom zone), a.k.a, Zod and his minions arrive to Earth and demand the delivery of the Kryptonian living among them, Kal-El… Second problem… Nobody knows who he is! There hadn’t been any public saving, with him donning his fabulous red and blue suit in all his glory (which I have to say, I have some problems with… the suit is amazing, but wasn’t it supposed to be handmade by Martha, and not delivered by Jor-El?!). So no one knows who he is, except Lois, who is then taken to shed some light into that matter… Clark then decides to surrender to the people of Earth and let them make their own decision, but they have to let Lois go (really?!). I loved the scene where he breaks his handcuffs and talks to Dr. Emil through the glass…


Clark and Lois board the Kryptonian ship where Clark has some trouble adapting to its atmosphere – pretty amazing and very well explained!

The last part of the movie is Superman (whose name just sort of popped up, without much explanation) fighting against Zod, Faora and some other dude and destroying half of Metropolis. (In the middle we can see the amazing first kiss between Clark and Lois, but still, not my kind of Lois). After all the Kryptonians are sucked into the black hole, just Clark and Zod remain alive, so Zod without anything to lose threatens to kill everyone and here comes the much dramatic scene: Superman kills Zod!!!! – I understand that Superman does not kill, but honestly I found it logical given the choices put in front of both man… still, what I think is more debatable is the fact that before he kills Zod who’s threatening to kill 4 humans, both of them destroyed the hole city, with enormous buildings collapsing and undoubtfully with an enormous amount of fatalities… the Superman I know would have tried to take the battle to somewhere where he could minimize the number of casualties… what gives? – This is a huge problem… because I’m kind of OK with him killing Zod, it’s hardly the first time he kills to save Earth… but how can he do that after more than 20 minutes destroying everything around them, without any considerations for human life?! Did they forget for a moment that this is a Superman movie and not Batman?!


The movie then ends with Clark deciding to create a double identity and starting to work at the Daily Planet side by side with Lois.


The Good

I thought the basic story was pretty great. I loved that they showed us a little of Krypton and I would be glad if we had been able to see a little more of the house of El and the inhabitants of Krypton.

Jor-El, in every single scene. His presence is just amazing!

Henry Cavill… does it need saying more?!


Jonathan’s death. His death scene was great… he sacrificed himself in order to protect his son and helped to mold him into the man he became.

Kal-El versus the Kryptonians. Every single scene was pretty amazing. It was great to watch the kryptonians to try to adjust to Earth atmosphere and vice versa. The fighting was pretty out of this world (it was just a shame that they had to destroy the whole city).

The suit!


Dylan Sprayberry as the teenage Clark Kent – but I have to say, with that haircut, the boy seemed more like a very young Tom Welling than anyone else…



The Bad

No Lex Luthor, no kryptonite, no fortress of solitude, no crystals, no artic breath, no secret identity, no glasses, no spunk?!

Lois Lane… unfortunately, Amy Adams just didn’t cut it for me, although she shared a few good moments with Henry Cavill.

No Jimmy Olsen, instead we get a Jenny Olsen, whom Perry White almost dies trying to save… she’s utterly forgettable and find of boring… I wanted Jimmy!


No fun! The amount of jokes and light moments in the whole movie are so rare. The movie is too dark, which would be understandable if it was Batman, but again… Superman.

The whole destruction of Metropolis and Smallville – it was not necessary!

The flashbacks… although it made sense to see flashes of Clark’s upbringing, the constant jumps back and forth were just confusing and at times, not helpful. I wished the flashes to Clark’s childhood had been made a little more subtlety. Also, why did the camera tremble so much?!

Lois finding out who he is before she actually knows him. It spoils one of the most amazing thing about their relationship.

Lisbon to Barcelona… in 10 days!



I went home in the end of June, for my sister’s college graduation and for a concert, so, without much conscience of it, I packed all of my favorite summer clothes in this small suitcase!

It all went well and while at home, I even went shopping! In the day before coming back to Barcelona I don’t even know how I managed to put everything inside this tiny thing… I even had some of my PhD samples in there!!!!

So, in the 28th June, 2 hours before my flight and with online check in already done, my mom dropped me off at the airport – because it had been a General Strike the day before and we assumed the airport would be a little manic. Nothing could prepared me for what I found!

Usually when your check in is done, you go to a special lane (usually the same one as executive passengers) to drop off your luggage – considering that you spent time in your computer doing the online check in!!! But not in that day! Because of the strike, several planes had been canceled the day before and the airport was pure chaos, so TAP airlines decided not to give special treatment to those who had already done the work, so if you had your check in already done, tough luck – you had to go to the same huge lane as everybody else – which meant almost 2 hours in a queue with people flying to all sort of places, just to drop off my really small suitcase, for a 1h30min flight!


I finally delivered it when my plane was already supposed to be taking off – but it was delayed a bit, they all were! But at that moment I had a really bad felling about it…

With about 1 hour and a half delay, we finally took off – but not before the commander explained that we were waiting because they had to take suitcases of the plane from people that did not entered the plane (really?! who would spend 2 or more hours in line to drop off a suitcase and not board?!). They also apologized because they had minimum crew on board – just 2 instead of the 4 normal personnel for the Airbus319 – and because of this they would not be serving food!

OK!!! – So far, 2 hours to drop off luggage, another hour to depart, and then, no food!!!

We finally landed at El Prat airport, Barcelona, and there I went to collect my luggage! The first time the belt started to move, about 25 bags came out… and then it stopped… 10 minutes after, it moved again, this time I would say around 50 bags made they way out… (we’re talking about a plane that was at maximum capacity, with all it’s 132 passengers and many of those with more than 1 bag!). So when the belt stopped moving, again, and no indication of more bags coming out was shown, we all made our way to the Swissport counter. After 2 hours, I finally was finally able to give my address and such, so they could deliver my suitcase as soon as it arrived… But the girl at the counter warned me: TAP flights were arriving without much of their passengers luggage since the day before (strike) and it was not coming in latter flights so far, so they had no way of knowing when it was going to get to Barcelona. Oh, and one more thing – Swissport employees had just begun a strike of their own that was going to last a week!


I spent my weekend trying to get in touch with Swissport and nothing! So I called Groundforce (luggage handling for TAP in Lisbon) and my bag was still at the TAP Lisbon’s depository. After calling 3 days in a row, finally TAP sent my bag to Barcelona! – the problem was, there were a lot of luggage to be sent out but all the flights were full and people (because of vacations and such) were travelling with a lot of weight, and the aircrafts can’t exceed the safety regulated weight!


So, on the 2nd of July, at 7h24min in the morning, a guy from Swissport called me to tell me that my bag was ready to be delivered, at what time could they bring it to me, so I asked to be at the end of the day, and from 7pm to 11pm I patiently waited at home for my long lost suitcase… and then I kept waiting for a few more days…

For 5 days I tried to call Swissport and nobody picked up! I called Groundforce and TAP and they sent internal mails that they assured me Swissport personnel had to see… they didn’t! So after waiting for 9 days for my bag, on the 7th (Sunday) I made my way to the airport and back to the Swissport counter! So my bag was in storage, they hadn’t delivered it yet, because they were still on strike and without personnel to do so, they also weren’t picking up phones and they weren’t reading e-mails from their airlines!


Just to sum it up:

– 27th June: General strike in Portugal – Groundforce and TAP employees go on strike – flights delayed and cancelled, huge confusion at the airport and luggage that doesn’t leave Lisbon airport for about a week!

– 28th June on: Swissport goes on strike – luggage that finally makes it’s way from several affected airports from all around Europe sits at the Barcelona airport and nobody gives a damn to even pick up a phone or answer an e-mail!

– If I haven’t gone to the airport to retrieve my bag, I would still be waiting for it! Oh… How I love strikes…