Supernatural: Bobby will be back!

One of the best news I’ve heard in a while!

As TVLine reports – the news given by Jim Beaver himself on twitter – Bobby will be back for Supernatural’s 9th season!


SO SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! God, I miss Bobby!

Psyched about Psych


USA’s Psych is freaking amazing!!!

Basically it is the story about a guy that his super observer and manages to start working with the police by claiming that he’s a psychic, and then together with his best friend, they open a PI / psychic agency.

They solve cases with the police constantly! James Roday plays Shawn Spencer, the psychic, and Dulé Hill his BFF Gus; Timothy Omundson plays the hard cop Lassiter, that doesn’t believe Shawn and Maggie Lawson plays his partner Juliet, who’s more willing to believe the guys. Kirsten Nelson is the police chief and Corbin Bernsen plays Henry Spencer, Shawn’s dad, that taught him all of his observer and deducing habilities.

Great TV show!!! =D