Movie 43: the worst movie… EVER!

I delayed watching Movie 43 because I had read something about it being crap… but a couple a days ago I finally gave in and watched it and you know what?! Worst thing I did! The movie just sucks… bad… so bad… I would take a Scary Movie any day to this piece of crap!



Why talented actor such as Hugh JackmanKate WinsletLiev SchreiberNaomi WattsEmma StoneRichard GereJustin LongUma ThurmanChloë Grace MoretzGerard ButlerHalle BerryTerrence HowardElizabeth Banks or Josh Duhamel agreed to be in this nonsense, extremely offensive and not at all funny comedy, it’s beyond me!

I found this an extremely tasteless comedy, way beyond the stupidity of comedies such as Scary Movie and similar…

No wonder this movie only gets a 4% on Rotten Tomatoes

Peter Capaldi is the 12th!

Last Sunday it was finally announced who the 12th Doctor will be, after several months of speculation, and to my relief, IT ISN’T A WOMAN!

The honor of being the 12th actor to interpret this iconic role fell on the very established actor, Peter Capaldi!


Although I’m not familiar with his work, having only watched him in the The Fires of Pompeii (S04E02) alongside the magnificent David Tennant and Catherine Tate, I was extremely excited about this casting choice.

First and foremost, it’s a man! I was getting rather nervous about all the talk about a female Doctor. I’m a feminist and all, but The Doctor on it’s core is a man and at some point in his life, he was married, fathered children and had grandchildren. So I agree with Moffat when he said that casting the Doctor as a woman, would be like casting the Queen as a man!

Second, after the extremely young Matt Smith, it will be good to have an older Doctor, and mind you, although he’s the same age now that  William Hartnell was when he created the role, Peter looks much younger and energetic and kind of reminds me of David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston or something in between!

Third, you just know he’s going to be brilliant! And I truly hope they let him keep the Scottish accent…


Can’t wait to see him on his first adventure! Rather curious how things are going to be with Clara… when she was with 11th, there was a lot of talk that she might be the new “Rose”, it’s going to be interesting to watch their interaction now…