How I Met Your Mother recap “The Locket” and “Coming Back”

HIMYM is back for it’s 9th and final season. I know it’s a comedy… but I cried a lot watching this…


The Locket

“The Locket” starts 55 hours before the big event with the gang heading to Farhampton.

Lily drives there with Ted, but he eventually starts to drive her insane and she then decides to get there by train. Where she meets the Mother and that was freaking amazing! OMG! She’s great! And I think that, after Monday’s episode, everybody understands why she’s perfect for TED!


Barney and Robin meanwhile stress about the wildcards that will be attending their wedding and realize that they might be cousins (some times removed)… eventually they realize they’re not =).

Barney then states that “Our wedding is going to be legendary”  and Robin asks “No ‘wait-for-it?’”. And here Barney is legendary himself: “I’ve got you. I don’t have to wait for it anymore”.


Marshall, after accepting a job as a judge and not telling his wife, who still thinks they’re moving to Italy, tries to get to New York with baby Marvin, but ends up being expelled from the plain along with Daphne (Sherri Shepherd), a passenger sitting next to him on the plane. They end up fighting over the one place still available on another plane and not sure if they will be able to make it to NY.

The Locket

On the train, Lily realizes that Ted is going to get Robin’s locket in order to mess up the wedding. After getting to the hotel, and tackling Ted, Lily sees that she’s (apparently) wrong when Ted gives Robin a picture of the gang taken 8 years before.

The Locket


Coming Back

54 hours before the wedding, Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and James are able to get to the hotel.

Coming Back

Curtis, the concierge, takes pity on the fact that Ted is all alone in such a beautiful and romantic place, and throughout the episode voices said concern… a lot! Marshall then tells Lily that there are no planes for him to get back to NY and he doesn’t know when (or if) he’ll be able to make it… Lily is distraught (missing her husband and son terribly).

Barney is happy celebrating his brother and his husband anniversary (given that they are the only couple who made him believe in love and marriage), not knowing that they are actually getting a divorce (because James cheated – repeatedly) – fact that Robin tries to keep quiet, believing that if Barney hears of such thing, he will no longer believe in marriage itself. The fact eventually transpire, because Lily is so drunk that she can’t control herself, and Barney leaves with Robin following him, believing that he will go straight to the nearest stripclub… instead, Barney goes to his brother room to take out all the anniversary decorations, and assures Robin that he doesn’t need anyone else’s relationship to believe in what they have – “I don’t need them to make me believe in true love anymore”.

Coming Back

Marshall and Daphne both try to rent a car and Marshall manages to get the last one, but without any baby seat. Daphne then proposes to drive the car to get a baby seat and to come back for them, and while we are thinking – and so is she – that she will drive away and never come back again… but, when you believe in people, people come through… and she comes back, ready for their road trip.

The episode ends with an amazing flash forward to a year later, when we see the mother sitting in the same table in the hotel where present day Ted is, the future Ted appears… “One year ago today I made a promise to myself at this table. I’m coming back and I’m bringing you.”




Random realizations: the Genie, Mrs Potts and Lumiere

When I was a kid, we watched the Disney movies dubbed in Portuguese from Brazil, it wasn’t until 1994, and the release of The Lion King, that the movies started to be dubbed in Portuguese from Portugal… so obviously, (as a kid) I watched all of the Disney movies in either of these versions (Br or Pt), but I never saw them on their original version… at that time, we didn’t have that option, so that you have an idea, I own the Pocahontas DVD and it doesn’t even as the choice to put in another language…

Last week some kind of weird thing came over me and I decided to re-watch some of my favourite Disney movies, so I saw Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast (so far). So, just 3 random things that I wasn’t aware:

Robin Williams is the Genie in Aladdin!

I’m sure this is pretty common knowledge, but I had no idea! I grew up in a world where the amazing genie spoke Brazilian-Portuguese!!!


And OMG, I thought the version I knew was good, but it has nothing to this amazing amazing talented performer! So so funny!!! And now that I know, I can totally see Robin in the Genie’s expressions and even in his eyes.


Angela Lansbury voiced Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast

It took me a bit by surprise when I first listened to Mrs Potts speak, in the original version movie of Beauty and the Beast, mainly because I grew up watching episodes of Murder, She Wrote and I knew that voice oh so well…. the amazing Jessica Fletcher a.k.a. Angela Lansbury!


and she even sung A Tale as Old as Time!


Jerry Orbach voiced Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast

This one I couldn’t believe… mainly because it doesn’t sound like him at all… maybe because of the french accent, but WOW! The famous Detective Lennie Briscoe in Law & Order and Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing gave voice to the super funny Lumiere… who knew?!