Random realizations: the Genie, Mrs Potts and Lumiere

When I was a kid, we watched the Disney movies dubbed in Portuguese from Brazil, it wasn’t until 1994, and the release of The Lion King, that the movies started to be dubbed in Portuguese from Portugal… so obviously, (as a kid) I watched all of the Disney movies in either of these versions (Br or Pt), but I never saw them on their original version… at that time, we didn’t have that option, so that you have an idea, I own the Pocahontas DVD and it doesn’t even as the choice to put in another language…

Last week some kind of weird thing came over me and I decided to re-watch some of my favourite Disney movies, so I saw Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast (so far). So, just 3 random things that I wasn’t aware:

Robin Williams is the Genie in Aladdin!

I’m sure this is pretty common knowledge, but I had no idea! I grew up in a world where the amazing genie spoke Brazilian-Portuguese!!!


And OMG, I thought the version I knew was good, but it has nothing to this amazing amazing talented performer! So so funny!!! And now that I know, I can totally see Robin in the Genie’s expressions and even in his eyes.


Angela Lansbury voiced Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast

It took me a bit by surprise when I first listened to Mrs Potts speak, in the original version movie of Beauty and the Beast, mainly because I grew up watching episodes of Murder, She Wrote and I knew that voice oh so well…. the amazing Jessica Fletcher a.k.a. Angela Lansbury!


and she even sung A Tale as Old as Time!


Jerry Orbach voiced Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast

This one I couldn’t believe… mainly because it doesn’t sound like him at all… maybe because of the french accent, but WOW! The famous Detective Lennie Briscoe in Law & Order and Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing gave voice to the super funny Lumiere… who knew?!


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