Few sitcoms points

So, TV shows season is back and so are the new shows… Just a few notes on the past weeks sitcoms episodes (that I’ve watched so far…).


The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory S7 iTunes

TBBT return with a couple of great episodes… first we see Penny and Sheldon bonding over missing Leonard (while he’s partying at sea!), Amy and Bernadette bond for the first time while talking “shop” and boys without Penny, and Howard helps Raj taking him to a party in order for him to meet girls… it doesn’t go well! Than Leonard returns and chooses to not tell Sheldon in order to be with Penny alone, which equals big problems… Howard however has an increase of female hormones and starts acting like a lady 😉




2 Broke Girls


Max and Caroline are back and, sorry for saying this, but Caroline could have stayed away… Kat Dennings (Max) on the other hand should get an award for BEST AND FASTEST SUMMARY OF THE SUMMER! She rocks! The storyline was typical 2BG with a lot of great sexual related jokes.




The premise of the show is OK, Anna Faris is funny as always, but Allison Janney is a delight to watch, even when she’s hitting on a much younger (and cutter) man. The children are funny enough, with the high point being her daughter’s boyfriend getting out the window and latter eating a banana half naked in front of the Mom and her ex husband.


The Michael J Fox Show


It takes a great man to be able to demystify his disease like Michael J Fox does on his new tv-show! I liked it, a lot! I’ll definitely keep watching this one!


The Crazy Ones


It has Robin Williams… enough said?! I’m still not sure about Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I would be willing to watch Kelly Clarkson on the show every single week! I did not understand the role played by Hamish Linklater, given that I don’t think he spoke (alone and clearly) at least once during the first episode…


Back in the Game


This show should get an award for best child casting in like… ever! Come on! The kid was being bullied and he decided to kiss the guy instead of fighting him?! Genius! Griffin Gluck plays Maggie Lawson‘s son and James Caan plays her estranged father. I’m conflicted here… for one, I really liked the show, and I love Maggie Lawson… on the other hand, I love her so much that I want her full time in Psych! Aiiiiii….


Trophy Wife


Malin Akerman plays the third (and trophy) wife of Bradley Whitford (West Wing) and a step mom to his 3 children from his two prior marriages… she has to learn how to be a mom and deal with kids and their mom… it’s quite great! Approved!!


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