Castle: Come back Kate!

I loved the two first episodes of the season. I loved the way she said yes and how they vowed to make it work long distance. I liked to see Kate Beckett kicking some ass at DC with her new partner and how Castle, missing her, went up to see her and ended up with an all too real version of “dying to see you”. I wish, though, we had seen a slightly more desperate Kate in the light of almost losing her fiancé.



It’s pretty clear that she’s not happy, she will never like the amount of shades of grey that exist in the capital. Castle will never be able to help her and I think it’s clear that she desperately needs that. There will be no Ryan or Esposito or Lanie to get her through things.

I say it’s done! She put her job first, and that’s right, she should, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. But a job isn’t everything…

ahhh, and you know… Castle really needs her…


And… hoe funny is Myko Olivier as Pi?! Although, for the life of me, I do not understand what Alexis is doing with him… but his interactions with Castle are priceless!

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