Nathan Fillion & Community



Nathan Fillion, the great Castle and Captain Mal Reynolds and Captain Hammer, will guest star on the cult comedy show Community (Deadline)! This is a big moment for Nathan as he is a self proclaimed fan of the show and had shown interest in guest starring in it… so well done…

As a fan of both the show Community and the great and only Mr Fillion, I’m delighted by this piece of news =)

Screen Shot 2012-01-14 at 10.38.49 AM

Obviously, when this news came out, so did the haters. Over the summer there was a lot of talk about Nathan being on a contract negotiation with ABC that would allow him to have a 4 day-work-week, and through said negotiation, he was not present on set to work. This issue was resolved and Nathan Fillion is reportedly working all days of the week, Fridays inclusive.


So, for the haters, who are now saying that he doesn’t care about Castle and that kind of stuff: Molly Quinn was right when she said that the show is what it is because of Nathan Fillion! With this I’m not saying the rest of the cast (Stana) isn’t great, but the show is awesome because of Nathan! It’s time everyone realizes this! It’s normal for lead actors to ask for bigger things when the season number get higher… is it that unnatural that he wishes to work 4 days a week? NO! We have no idea how many hours he works in those 4 days, we also don’t know how much everyone else on the show works, but I would bet it’s less… So the point is: If you don’t know, don’t like or just say s*it, please, do us all a favour and just DON’T!

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