Doctor Who: 45 days to go and the rumours keep on coming!

So, we have exactly 45 days until the 50th anniversary special of Doctor and given the lack of trailers or anything really, the rumours keep piling up.


It’s public knowledge that we will have a 10/11 showdown, with David Tennant returning to his role as the Tenth Doctor, Billie Piper returning as the beloved Rose Tyler, Matt Smith appearing as the Eleventh Doctor for his second to last apperance and Jenna Louise Coleman as the Impossible Girl Clara.

Several rumours indicated the possible appearances of classic Doctors such as Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison or Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann. These have neither been confirmed or denied by BBC.

Partners in Crime (8)

This latest rumour, however, was published in a magazine! Not that it confirms the story just because it’s printed, but things are just getting weirder… the magazine reports that Catherine Tate is returning as Donna Noble! Even though nothing would please me more than to see Tate return, especially considering that I absolutely love her with David, I do not see this happening… But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.