TV Shows… just random

Just a few random thought about the last few weeks of tv shows…


2 Broke Girls: I’m sorry, but was just me who thought that the second episode of the season – And The Kickstarter – was a bit (or a lot) offensive? Come on, the girl says that she doesn’t have money not even to dry clean her pants, but she starts a founding project for a $1,500 pants! Really?! Was I also the only one who didn’t like the new day waiter and that thought that the whole Starbucks thing was a bit too much?


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Still the best new sitcom in my opinion… Damn, it just gets funnier! Dean Winters was on this last one, I guess the man just really loves to play a NYC cop.

Mom: After a so-so premiere, the show is finding it’s ground! Funny episodes in the whole, and the guest appearence of Justin Long last week just made it better. Can we have him, like, always?!

Trophy Wife: Funny enough! I’m surely glad they had to recast the daughter…

Welcome to the family: I don’t know if it’s because I just love all the actor, or I really like the show… Second best of the new sitcoms for me, although it’s low rating on IMDB! But Mike O’Malley and Mary McCormack are just so good…

Back in the Game: Still not sure! I like Maggie Lawson and the kids… but I don’t see the story evolving…

The Millers: I know it has Will Arnett and everything… but come on: cemetery plots? Really? CBS’ MomThe Millers and The Crazy Ones Get Full-Season Orders

The Crazy Ones: It has it’s moments… the learning to drive moment was hilarious.

The Big Bang Theory: Last week episode we got to see that the girls are always the smartest! Amy found a plot hole in Raiders, Bernie didn’t fall for her husband’s crap and Penny, after finding out that Leonard was taking advantage of his “mommy issues” tell-tells on him to his mommy… Genius!


How I Met Your Mother: I can’t even talk about it, I’m finding the ending quite hard to deal with. =P

Castle: Oh Yeah! Kate is back to the NYPD…. Aleluia!

Criminal Minds: The BAU has a new boss, that JJ knows somehow (although it’s clear it’s not an affair) and the boss is cool. I say he’s a keeper! Also, we get Kevin’s voice but no Kevin?! No fair!


Law & Order SVU: Munch is out, Olivia may be in, that is, she might be becoming the new Sargeant. Great cases throughout the weeks, they never cease to amaze me.

New Girl: Nick and Jess are great and everything, but the show has to find storyline beyond their relationship as a couple and how that affects the rest. It’s getting boring and annoying. 

Elementary: Guys, can we see more of Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes? And damn, but Watson is amazing me with her training, she’s beyond good.


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