Charmed: So that we’re clear!

The news running around is that CBS is eyeing a Charmed reboot, as Vulture announced:


TV’s  No. 1 network may be ready to conjure up the Power of Three: Vulture has learned that a remake of the hit Aaron Spelling–produced WB drama Charmed is in the works at CBS. Details are scant right now, but Party of Five co-creator Chris Keyser and partner Syndey Sidner are co-writing the project, which insiders describe as a “re-imagining” of the original series about a sisterhood of witches who use their powers for good. CBS TV Studios, which has the rights to all of the Spelling library, is producing the project alongside the Tannenbaum Company. It’s still very early in the development process: CBS has only ordered a script for a pilot, and it hasn’t committed to filming anything.”

Let me be totally honest here: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charmed! It’s one of my favourite shows of all time. If I catch one episode on TV, I will see it through. I actually watch the series (season 4 – 8) once every couple of years. But come on people, a reboot? Only 7 years after it ended? While it’s still running on day to day TV due to syndication? While it’s still one of the most watched shows on Netflix?! Really?! And while the fans are still attached to the storyline, given that the show continued in the form of comic books?

I don’t see it! I really don’t see a Charmed show without Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan. Even if they re-imagine it, give them different names, even if they make them blond… if it’s Charmed based and not the original, it’s just wrong!


A simple solution that would please all the fans would be a kind of “Next generation thing”. We all know that each of them has 3 kids and they all have powers… Piper’s kids are half white-lighters and Phoebe’s children are even half-cupids!


I would definitely watch that!

Let’s just wait and see where they’ll go…

6 thoughts on “Charmed: So that we’re clear!

  1. Teresa Ramsey says:

    I to watch Charmed every time it’s on repeatedly. I feel that the show should stay on CBS as well. It’s one of my favorites too. I Love this show so much, and with all the old sitcoms comeing back on television these days. I don’t see why we can’t have new, but recent ones like Charmed back on. Just create more lines, role play, whatever you call it these days. People will love it! Thanks for listening, Yours Truly Teresa Ramsey

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