Doctor Who on Big Bang and Castle

It’s not exactly news when a show like The Big Bang Theory makes a Doctor Who reference. But when, on the same week, we have TBBT and Castle making DW references, it’s awesome!


Castle started this past week with a case of time-travelling – great episode by the way, loved how everything came together and we were left with the impression that Joshua Gomez really came from the future, with the coffee stained paper and the disappearing act… lovely! I wouldn’t be surprised if the reference came from Castle himself, as he’s a self proclaimed geek, but it was Esposito who did the put the Doctor in conservation: “What were you expecting Castle? Time travel device? Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver?“.



The Big Bang Theory did it in the song that Howard sung to Bernadette – The Romance Resonance – “I’d be Doctor Who without the TARDIS“.