Classic Doctor Who: Season 1

I finally started to watch the classic Who episodes! 🙂 To be totally honest, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sit through it, only because of the quality (let’s not forget that the show is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, so the very beginning is in black and white, with really poor quality…).


Just a few points on the season.

First, I understand that times were really (really really) different, television wise, and this was a kid’s show, which meant low budget, so some of the things are natural for the time… such as really poor continuity, fights that are clearly staged (so much, that the weapons don’t touch the other person), the running (OMG, the running in the first episode is just the worst thing ever), …


Second, is Susan a representant of how young women were perceived at the time? The character suffers from some poor quality writing. The girls spends all of her time screaming or crying (“Oh, Grandfather!”)… I know she has merits, but I just find her annoying!

Third, this should actually be called the Ian and Barbara Show! Why? Well, because for most of the first season, the two companions have more screen time than the Doctor!


Fourth, the Doctor! Wow, William Hartnell did an amazing job playing the Doctor. But it a very different Doctor. He’s old and frail, has to stop all the time to catch his breath. He’s not funny, or warm, or anything like that… although, as the series progresses, he becomes a little more “Human”. Also, during the first season, Ian is the “Hero” and the Doctor hardly ever saves the day!


Fifth, the TARDIS! How weird is that that the Doctor hardly ever mentions the TARDIS by her name? It’s always “my ship”, it’s just weird. Also, it’s nice that they mention the wardrobe and the places to sleep and what about that food machine? I guess they eventually found out that it didn’t work…