Classic Doctor Who: the Second Doctor

It’s a pity really that most of the adventures of the Second Doctor, from season 4 to 6, were lost. Mainly because Patrick Troughton was a truly fantastic Second Doctor!


He’s more energetic, talks less and does more, and is faster on his reactions than his previous incarnation. He also has a very different relationships with his companions, which I felt was more dynamic and levelled.


Oh, I do hope they find all of his adventures, because, somehow, I just can’t watch the audio recordings with stills from the episodes… what a shame!



Fandoms and Knitting: 4th Doctor Scarf at 50%!

I’m finally halfway done on my Doctor Who scarf!

Fandoms and Knitting: 3 goals!

Fandoms and Knitting: here I go!

Fandoms and Knitting: Progress!


Since I diminished it considerably, the scarf now has the already impressive number of 140 cm (20 more centimeters and it’s about my height!). Now, only another 1 and a half meters to go, in a little more than a week…

I’m just sorry that the pictures don’t do any justice to the colours!