NCIS: LA – Are you trying to break our hearts?!

I finally got my NCIS: LA episodes to date and, people, are they trying to break our hearts?! I’m obviously talking about Kensi and Deeks, who finally kissed on the last episode of last season.


It was long coming, because their chemistry is off the charts, but when this season begun they were kind of rocky. Understandable, given that Deeks was tortured and at the sight of his partner, she let him stay there so to not blow Michelle’s cover. Still, he has it bad and for a few episodes it’s not great. But then she visits him with food and a movie, and he falls asleep next to her.

So a few episodes later, when he asks her “out” and then tells her that he wants to be at his place with her, and she gets up and leads the way, we were all left hanging with that question: “did they or didn’t they?”. Next episode begun the next morning, with Deeks at work and Kensi arriving awhile later wearing the same shirt – so did they? If so, why was he so early at work? He left her alone at his house? After both of them not having their head in the game, aka, their work, because they were worrying too much about each other, they finally decide to talk about it and make it work!

Only to have it all ripped away by Hetty, who sends Kensi away without even the opportunity to say goodbye to her partner (and maybe more). – We all knew that Daniela Ruah would eventually be leaving for her maternity leave, but I still hoped that al least they got to say goodbye somehow…



So this week episode left us kind of sad, because Kensi is away and Deeks is kind of lost without her. But the end made it all worth while. Deeks sitting at his desk and Kensi preparing to go to sleep, both watching the same pictures and looking at each other’s photographs… ending with Kensi saying “Goodnight Deeks”… so sweet!


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