Community is back…

… and I didn’t love it 😦

I honestly don’t know why, but I felt that Jeff was annoying again (I know that was part of the point), although I understand it was important, I didn’t like Pierce’s return. Also, they all have a melt down because their lives aren’t at the point they thought it should be, so they all return to community college? Really? I don’t feel it.


Now with the gang all back at Greendale, with Jeff teaching, I do hope the next episodes get a little bit more of my love…

Sherlock is back

OMG, i don’t know how I’m gonna survive with only one more episode of Sherlock! They kept us waiting long enough, but it has been totally worth it!


Sherlock & co came back better than ever, and Mary was an amazing addition to the mix. Also great this season so far is having Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) in 2 episodes so far and Molly (with her new boyfriend) as well.

I’m loving this new chemistry between Sherlock, Watson and Mary. I feel that she and Sherlock get along quite nicely. I just love it! =D

The Empty Hearse

The first episode begun with a wild theory of how, in fact, Sherlock is alive. The writers really did a number on us. By the end of the episode we only learn that there were 13 possibilities of how to survive and Sherlock shares one of them (one we can almost certainly exclude as the right one!).


Mainly, almost everyone has (or is trying to) move on. John has a new girlfriend, Mary, Molly has a new boyfriend (who shares some resemblance to Sherlock) and Mycroft needs his brother in London. John doesn’t react that well to Sherlock not being dead, well, he’s happy is not dead, is just not happy that he wasn’t one of the 20 plus people who knew about it. John punches Sherlock… a lot!

Molly becomes Sherlock assistant for one day and we can almost see him being a bit human! But Mary eventually turns John around and he helps his friend. All ends well!



The Sign of Three

This is by far my favourite episode of Sherlock yet! We get a wedding, Bachelor Party, Sherlock and Watson drunk, Sherlock making napkins designs and seating charts, two attempted murders, a few cases, Alfie Enoch in a uniform and shirtless (bonus points) and the best Best-Man speach in television… ever!


There’s not a dull moment in this episode, with different cases presented that are somehow connected and hilarious moments such as the speech or when John asked Sherlock to be his best man, or Mary playing both boys so that they remain close. Loved Sherlock’s interaction with the Maid of Honour, Janine, who we all kind of thought was kind of perfect for him, right? How about Irene Adler’s appearance in Sherlock’s puzzle solving? Is that really Alfie Enoch/Dean Thomas? He’s all grown up now!!! =D


The big news was that Mary is pregnant! And somehow, after so many people telling that marriage changes people, I think Sherlock ended up believing that things were going to change between them… =(