Broadchurch: “He’s right to be worried”… Don’t even!

After David Tennant expressed his worried on his character’s return for the second season of Broadchurch, given DI Alec Hardy’s lack of health, the series writer and creator Chris Chibnall just told Radiotimes that Tennant is right to be worried!


He’s right to be worried. He’s a king on the stage, he’s off doing an American show right now, I believe. He’s got a lot on his plate.


Chibnall is referring to Tennant’s work on Richard II and Gracepoint (American adaptation of Broadchurch), that just began shooting in Canada this week. He also mentioned that the only problem is not David’s busy schedule, but also the really poor health that Hardy had when we last saw him:

David’s very busy and Alec Hardy, at the end of series one, he was fired from the police, he had a heart problem – I don’t see how you come back. How would that happen?

The show is amazing either way, I’m not saying that losing David Tennant will kill it or anything, but one of the things I loved the most about the show was how different the two detectives were and how they made each other better. Hardy was really there for Miller in the end (he even called Ellie!!!) and it would be a shame not to maintain their professional interaction… I just hope he comes back for season 2, David and Olivia are great together.

3 thoughts on “Broadchurch: “He’s right to be worried”… Don’t even!

  1. chorenn says:

    Awww. I love Alec Hardy. He was frail, yet so dedicated to both his family and his job. And so flawed. I will be very sad if he doesn’t return. It’s more than just not having David Tennant on the show – I just love that character.

    Btw, do you read fanfics? If you do, there’s a fantastic Doctor Who/Broadchurch fanfic you might like. Let me know if you’re interested.

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