Matt Smith is amazing!

A friend of mine dared me to blog about how amazing Matt Smith is and, obviously, here I am complying!

Here are some reasons why he’s awesome…


1. Because he’s The Doctor

Granted that he isn’t anymore, but he’ll always be The Doctor. Because they never stop being the Doctor, am I right? We still look at Tom Baker and see the Doctor. Matt will always be the Doctor and there were such amazing times at that!


2. He was born to be the Doctor

Like the lovely Karen puts it “Matt Smith was born to be the Doctor”. He brought a brilliant quirkiness to the character and was able to show the Time Lord’s age, even though he was the youngest actor to play the part. Even if Matt is not your Doctor (as he isn’t mine), one can’t deny that he what he did was extraordinary. He was able to take reins on the show after the amazing and brilliant David Tennant left and was able to take the show to new heights.


3. Karen and Arthur

You can’t really dissociate his time in the TARDIS without his companions. Karen  Gillan and Arthur Darvill (the Ponds) got along great with Matt, and Tumblr, twitter, facebook (…) are full of super funny pictures and videos of these three just hanging around and having fun.



4. But the Ponds left… and there was Jenna

Matt apparently creates tight bonds super fast. His new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara) was not very keen on letting him go. Matt even said he should have stayed one more year in the TARDIS with her…


 “Take care of Jenna-Louise Coleman” Matt Smith, SDCC 2013

5. He’s great with fans

2013 - 1

“He hugs everybody, he says hello to everybody, he remembers the name of everybody’s kids. He’s been such an extraordinary ambassador for the show. I can now honestly say that the way Matt carries himself as The Doctor is something of which The Doctor would be immensely proud.” – Steven Moffat

6. …Particularly with kids

In the Eleventh Hour panel at DW Celebration, one of the kids in the front got scared with something (I don’t recall what), so when the panel was near it’s end, Matt Smith asked the kid to go on stage and talk to him. It was an amazing and sweet moment!

tumblr_mxzy9dcMd21qapto0o4_250 tumblr_mxzy9dcMd21qapto0o1_250 tumblr_mxzy9dcMd21qapto0o8_250 tumblr_mxzy9dcMd21qapto0o3_250 

7. Got along great with David Tennant

I just love the way the two of them just got along. Great chemistry on screen and they seem to get along just as well behind the scenes…



I’m sorry, it’s just so much cuteness together…


8. He’s friends with Billie Piper

They did not meet in Doctor Who, actually they’ve been friends for years. Matt was even in one episode of A Secret Diary of a Call Girl (which in case you haven’t watched, you should)


9. and Nathan Fillion

Which just a bonus for big geeks like me. We know that virtually everyone that hangs around with Nathan is pretty cool, right?


10. … and Benedict Cumberbatch

Woe… Ben looks good in this… Sorry, this is all about Matt! 😉


11. He was at Nerd HQ 2013

With Zachary Levi, which is a bit like Nathan, right? He can do no wrong… Here they are: Jenna, Richard a.k.a. The King in the North (RIP), Matt and Zachary Levi… The full DW panel is available at The Nerd Machine website.


12. His moves

He definitely bust some moves throughout his run as the Doctor. His type of physical comedy is something else…

tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo1_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo5_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo7_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo9_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo3_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo4_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo2_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo8_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo6_250…… (hilarious…)

13. He plays football

Matt actually aspired to be a professional ball player, but a back injury when he was a child put a damper on those dreams… he became an actor instead. I can’t say I’m sad about this, Matt is an amazing actor.

“I got injured when I was a kid, and it prevented me from becoming a footballer.”

“Actors, movie stars, rock stars, I can meet them with no worries – but with footballers I go weak at the knees. All of them.”


14. Clumsy boy

Is a self admitted clumsy.

“I’m very clumsy, in case you hadn’t noticed”

I am terribly clumsy, so there is a plethora of walking into lamp-posts, falling over, dropping things, and ruining sofas.


15. So he uses all this

He uses so well his physical thing, as I had said before with the dancing ;-). It’s the sort of thing that went amazingly well with the character of the Doctor. From now on he probably won’t be able to put so much of himself into his characters… =/

tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo2_r1_250tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo4_r2_250 tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo5_250tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo6_r1_250 tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo3_250tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo1_250

16. Bow ties are cool

Yes they are! And so are Fezzes and Stetsons and all those other things he used during his tenure as the Doctor. He actually owns the tweed jacket that he used for the first 2.5 seasons and he was the one who suggested that he could wear a bow tie. However, Matt’s fascination with high boots, hats, weird socks don’t stay just on screen… he actually wears all those things in real life, which, you know, it’s COOL!


At the DW Celebration one kid flat out told him that he doesn’t understand the whole Fez thing, because Fezzes are NOT cool. Matt then tried to convert the kid to the “Fezzes are COOL” side, without any luck!

tumblr_mq5l68TnKC1r3nwdio3_250 tumblr_mq5l68TnKC1r3nwdio2_250

17. He’s hilarious

Weather you’re just watching random interviews or avidly watching his run in Doctor Who, Matt Smith is super funny!

tumblr_mqhikm11tG1qafbqjo1_250 tumblr_mqhikm11tG1qafbqjo2_250

But I have to admit that some of mine Matt’s favourite moments are his interactions on screen with Alex Kingston (River Song). Just look at his embarrassed look in the end ;-).

tumblr_mxr5zlOopD1sini23o1_250tumblr_mxr5zlOopD1sini23o2_250 tumblr_mxr5zlOopD1sini23o3_250tumblr_mxr5zlOopD1sini23o4_250

18. He loved it

I’m a huge Whovian, so it’s great when the actor that played the part you love so much, actually loved it too and made it the best it could possibly be. Most actor that played the Doctor stay in some way connected to the series, whether through interviews, conventions, etc (all apart from Christopher), so I’m hoping that the next big anniversary will bring back the 11th Doctor (as Moffatt said it probably would). Until that day, I wish the best to the amazing Matt Smith, whether on the big or small screen, or on stage.

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