Movie of the Week: Saving Mr. Banks

On the same day I went  to see American Hustle, I also saw Saving Mr. Banks… actually I only had 10 minutes between the two… Couldn’t be more different.


We all know the plot, it happened (whether or not the movie depicts the whole reality of it, it’s an entirely different story…). It’s about how the author of the Mary Poppins stories, P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson), finally sold the rights to Walt Disney (Tom Hanks), so he could do the movie.


They portray her unwillingness of giving said rights, because she believed that the Studios wouldn’t do justice to her beloved characters. So she insisted in taking part in the writing of the script and in all the creative decisions. The movie showcases exactly this: Mrs Travers’s 2 weeks at the Walt Disney Studios.


While she there, though, we get a glimpse of the origin and motivations behind the creation of Mary Poppins: her childhood. Annie Rose Buckley plays young Ginty (a.k.a. Helen Goff, a.k.a. P.L. Travers), with Colin Farrell playing her father Travers Goff, in a side story that will just break your heart.


Rachel Griffiths plays  Helen’s aunt and the real life inspiration for Mary Poppins.


Paul GiamattiBradley WhitfordB.J. Novak and Jason Schwartzman are just some of the amazing supporting cast of this truly, Disneylike, amazing movie.

Psych is out!

So so sad about this news! USA network announced today that the show it’s airing its 8th and final season, with the last 5 episodes airing from February 26th on.


I’m still reacting like Dule, still not sure that this is actually happening! =(

I’m glad, though, that they will go out on top, still, I wish it was at least a full season order for this sad goodbye. It will always be one of the best comedies on TV!