Are we going to talk about Beckett’s dress?!

Seriously Castle people, what were you thinking when you picked up that dress and went “ohhh, this is perfect for their wedding!“… REALLY?!?!?!?!



Ok, the dress is definitely different, I’ll give you that. It is also beautiful from the waist up… but that tulle with that skirt just don’t go together. It just doesn’t work, at all! I’m wistfully wishing that something bad happens to that dress, or that they decide to do something small and she realized that that dress just isn’t right… something… PLEASE!

NBC pulls Michael J Fox Show

After just one week of essentially canceling Sean Saves the World, NBC just pulled its other Thursday night comedy from the schedule, basically canceling The Michael J Fox Show as well.


It doesn’t come as a big surprise, given that NBC was unhappy with the poor ratings that both shows were pulling.