Heroes: Reborn

It came to public today that NBC has ordered a mini-series, of 13 episodes, of Heroes, a stand-alone arc entitled Heroes: Reborn.


This would be presumably with new characters and new stories altogether and is unclear weather any of the original cast-member will be joining in, as TVLINE reports.

To be honest I don’t really know how to feel about this. While I loved the first couple of seasons of Heroes, it all went downhill from that, incredible fast. Well, lets wait and see…

Working all weekend long

I’m in a kind of weird type of research, where my experiments don’t take exactly too long, but somedays, if my PCR at 10 a.m. does not work, I can’t do it again in the same day, and I get nothing left to do in the lab… this implies that there are days that my day is done by 1 p.m., and that everyday of the week counts, which means, working holidays and weekdays.


This was this kind of weekend. My DNA extractions take a grand total of 3 days (with 2 overnight incubations), which meant all weekend alone in the lab.


Don’t get me wrong, I love coming to work on weekends, I get much more done than on weekdays, because every piece of equipment is available and there are no waiting lines for anything… and I get to hear loud music!


There is just one problem with being alone in the lab: I’m alone, so this is pretty much my reaction each time I hear any kind of sound…