Best news so far: a Male Companion!

Since the moment the 8th season of Doctor Who started filming, until the day it starts airing (summer, autumn… who knows…), we will be bombarded with news and scoops and spoilers. But this particular piece of news came as a breath of fresh air! The best news so far, in my opinion, is that season 8 will finally have a man on board – Danny Pink played by Samuel Anderson.

Yes, we had several men on the TARDIS, since its return in 2005, but we haven’t seen a permanent and proper male companion for ages.

Adam… we don’t even talk about Adam! Mickey went along for the ride mainly because of Rose, and that didn’t last long. He showed all his potential when he already had one foot out the door, to a parallel universe. Jack was great, but very on and off, and very aware of everything, I love him though, and I wish he would have been a full time companion. Then came Rory, and don’t get me wrong, from the 11th Doctor companions, Rory is my favourite, but he went to be with Amy, and there was never Rory without Amy.

Now we might actually have a chance to see a proper male companion, like Jamie was. I just hope that they don’t spoil it by making him romantic linked to Clara… we had enough of that already.

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