HIMYM funny facts

Kudos to the HIMYM team, that on season 4 had to deal with not one, but two cast member’s pregnancies.

Alyson and Cobie informed the crew about their pregnancies only a few weeks apart and this meant that for most of season 4, the 2 leading ladies had to hide their growing bellies in all sort of manners. This included baggy clothes, huge bags and shots from all kinds of angles that would distract the viewers.

Cobie was able to appears in all episodes and even do full body shots, and while we can still see that she’s bigger than usual, it was done well enough. Alyson however, even had to disappear for a couple of episodes in order to have her baby, and the clothes she wore during the season didn’t do much to hide the fact that she was pregnant.

Still, they manage to produce 24 episodes while their 2 leading ladies were expecting… I can only imagine that that was not an easy thing to do.