HIMYM “Daisy”

It’s coming to an end… we’re almost there… last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was called Daisy and, in case you’re wondering, no, it’s not the mother’s name. It is however the name of Lily and Marshall’s new baby girl… yes people, she’s pregnant.


It makes sense, right, there’s no way that such a perfect couple as those two are would only have one kid! So Marshall, happy beyond his wildest dreams, decides that his wife’s happiness comes first and the family eventually moves to Rome: Lily, Marshall, Marvin, baby Daisy, Lily’s dad and Marshall’s mom (who are still an item).


The episode was great. Robin’s mom is hilarious, she spent all episode recounting episodes about Robin’s father, that sounded a lot like Barney, but the she asked “Do you have someone you can depend on?” and Robin said “… I do“, and I don’t get the theory that she might have been talking about Ted, because it’s clear that she meant Barney, because he truly has always been there for her!


Ranjit and Billy Zabka! The Captain and his singing Maids! And Boats Boats Boats! And “Thank you Linus!“!!!!



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