Stuff I’ll never understand

There are obviously a lot of things in life that I’ll never fully wrap my head around, but these are somethings that I don’t really get…



Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

I started to follow Hollywood Life a while back, but around two months back I started to realize what a big mistake I made… why? Well, most of the posts are about Bieber and Selena… GET A LIFE PEOPLE! I don’t even begin to understand the fascination about the love live of two people that look like children, and I won’t even get to the fact that most of the stuff is just ridiculous – JB, if you want to be an adult, start acting like one; SG – oh Honey… you seemed so smart once upon a time…



Reality Shows about people who don’t do a thing for a living

Reality TV empompasses a lot of different types of shows. I’ll be honest, I watch some reality shows, such as Say Yes to the DressHardcore Pawn, Cake Boss, MasterChef and so on. But for the life of me, I don’t understand shows like KUWTK or The Real Housewives, where these people get to be famous for absolutely nothing… I will never understand this!



The shear necessity that fandoms have to pair all their male characters

I consider myself part of a few fandoms, but for the life of me, this is something I’m yet to understand: why, oh why most of the posts about Sherlock involve him and Watson declaring their love for each other, or the Supernatural posts about Dean and Castiel (or Dean and Sam, which is way more disturbing!). Seriously, why? I’m a strong believer in friendship, and in a friendship that does not involve a deep desire to take somebody’s clothes off. So, tell me people, why Sherlock can’t love Watson in a platonic way? Why can’t Dean and Cas share a lovely bromance based in true love that does not involve any sexy time?


I just want to clarify on this that I have absolutely no problem with the fact that I’m talking about two guys… I have a problem because these characters are’t written that way… and Dean and Sam are brothers… I would have a similar problem if you tried to pair up Donna and The Doctor, because, well, they are friends and that would be so inappropriate…


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