HIMYM “The End of the Aisle”

Around this time next week, we will all have said goodbye to the wonderful series How I Met Your Mother… yep, just 60 minutes to go 😦 !!!

This week, however, we finally walked down the aisle with Robin and Barney. In The End of the Aisle, both of them suffer a bit of a meltdown, but Robin’s is considerably larger than Barney’s.


While the groom is worried he won’t write the perfect vows for the love of his life, Robin is actually considering that she’s making a mistake and wondering if she should actually be marrying Ted instead! Ted tells her no, that he doesn’t lover her like that anymore, and neither does she, because she loves Barney and love doesn’t have to make sense and stuff. But she’s having none of that: he won’t run away with her, she’ll just run away on her own! Robin plans to leave the wedding but runs into the Mother, after they get to second base, the Mother tells her that she doesn’t know her well enough to talk her out of this crazy decision, but she thinks that 3 beep breaths might help her make the right call… on the second one though, Barney is there! Barney tells her that he’ll only make one vow to her, because it’s the only one that matters: he won’t lie to her again, because he loves her!


Love is totally nonsensical, but we have to keep doing it. Or else we’re lost and-and love is dead. And humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily exchange their second set of vows, and Marshall tells his wife that he plans on keeping renewing them, because just once isn’t enough to encompass a whole lifetime with her, because he’ll love her more and more as time goes by…


At the church, Barney has one last tiny meltdown about the colour of his tie and Marshall (doing a great job as a best man), slaps the hell out of the groom and ending the slapbet’ slaps!

So the episode ends with Robin walking down the aisle at the sound of Sandcastles in the Sand, and both of them exchanging vows and getting hitched!


Oh… and there was actually a Ring Bear!


Note: I loved that Barney did not actually freak out about marrying Robin… but I hated that Robin freak out had to do with TED!! Como on people, it took the guy 9 years to realize that it wouldn’t happen, and then she wants to run away with him?! Come on! I thought we were all over the Barney + lies things… she has accepted it before, why make a fuss of it again?