Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, trailer is out (and it’s not good!)

I’m not one of those persons who actively seeks out movie trailers. I love movies and going to the cinema is one of my favourite things, if it’s a superhero or fantasy movie of some sorts, better yet! Just so you have some idea, I love all things X-MEN, and today was the first time I set my eyes on any trailer of the movie, because I was in the movie theater (Captain America rules!).

So this morning, I was having breakfast at 6 a.m. and the news about the TMNT trailer popped up on my feed, curiosity overtook me and I caved in and watched it… huge mistake!

First of all, Mr Michael Bay, you do know this is not the Transformers, right?! Because I could swear I heard that sound when the helicopter appears in some other movies before… the Transformers!

Second, what’s up with the Turtles? Are they on steroids? They just look plain creepy… the ones we see actually, because we only see Leonardo and Michelangelo, right?


And I’m sorry, what the hell is the movie about? I watched the cartoons for years, me and my cousins spent all our vacations, every single year of our childhood watching this animated series… and then the live action, so the image that I have of these beloved turtles is nothing like the one the movie shows.


Third, Megan Fox is not April… no, no and no! I think there were so many great options for this character…


In a year filled with superheroes and fantasy movies, I dare say this one won’t stand a chance…