HIMYM Alternate Finale will be released

Four days after the horrid finale of the amazing series How I Met Your Mother, which ended with Barney and Robin’s divorce, the Mother’s death and Ted and Robin together, Carter Bays (one of the series creator) used Twitter to announce a piece of “good” news to all the fans who didn’t enjoy the mess they made:


Deadline reports that although no additional shots were made and the script is the same, just edited differently, this alternate ending might be considered a “happy one”. I, for one, am not convinced! No matter how they edit the end, the storyline was still crap. There’s no way they can edit it in a form that doesn’t regress all the characters and that doesn’t make me think that Ted was a douche! This just seems like a way to get people to buy the DVDs (given that I’m sure the sales will drop after what happened!).